How is 40/15 max and 40/10 min jewels bugged?

this_barb said:
cant figure it out, someone tell me?
Search "ed/max/min," "ed/min bug," or "ed/max big." Something like if they are used off weapon, the ed% only applies to the non +'ed stat. So a 40/15 max would be +40% min, +15 max.

if u put +dmg into armor/helm/shiel
Ed% from jewels in the same item will break as spud mentioned

+max makes ed% break on max dmg. +min makes ed% break on min dmg.. if u have both max and min the ed% will break on both and be 100% useless

this is a code error nothing to do with the users

a 40 15% then a 40% +15max will mean u get 15ias 80% ed on min and +15 max. but the 80%ed will have no effect on your max dmg
Jerkazoid - not actually completely true. Only %ed added after +min or +max is bugged. Unfortunately when both are on one jewel the game adds the +min/max first :p In your example the 40% ed from the first jewel will still apply to max, just not the second jewel.
If you socketed them the other way around, then you would get no %ed max as you listed.

gfattack, 40%ed/15 IAS jewels are not bugged in any way that I am aware of, except as above if you socket one after a jewel with +min/max on it (same for any %ed jewel, even single-mod ones).

rockboy888, the bug does not affect weapons at all.
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