How exactly does +%mana work and is it worth it for this setup? de


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Jun 22, 2003
How exactly does +%mana work and is it worth it for this setup?

How exactly does +% mana work, it works on +mana items and your base mana correct? and does it add all up like 2x sojs = 50% more mana etc? or is each % calculated from your BASE mana individually?

I was thinking about it because of this setup for a light/es sorc

Base Str/All Energy

however the question arises to either addding 16 str points and being able to use shako, hoto, lidless, vipermagi, arachnids, 2xsojs, caster amulet, frostburns and SILKWEAVES

or going base str and same gear except IMP SHANKS

If we have a number cruncher here, could they crunch out numbers for a lvl 90 sorc with a 20 anni that has +180 mana from items, and shako at lvl 90 which gives 135 mana, and all the other +% mana gear i have
Frostburns require 60 strength anyway, so wouldn't it just be an extra 5 points for silkweaves?

Anyways, i would go for the silkweaves because you don't really need the resists and the fhr can come from the GCs. also, +% mana is pretty sexy when you have a good BO.
Basically all your % mana stuff (sojs, frosties, battle orders) is added together and modify your base mana + straight mana items.

Example: 2 sojs, frosties, 80% BO = +170% mana
If you have 1200 base mana and your charms and items add another 200 then your final mana turns out to be 1400 * (2.7) = 3780. After this mana per level things like Shako and mana from +energy are added directly so you'll get another 140 or so from shako depending on your level and 40 from an anni.
i need 66 str to use a prebuff ormus but that can be fixed with a +3 light/28 str amulet

using GCS would mean losing 80 life, worth the trade?

Andy how come when i run those numbers i get a different result then what i should get displayed on char screen?
As for the number crunching here goes.

Sorcs start with 35 mana at level 1 and gain 2 mana each level so thats 178 more from leveling up. Assuming you've done the stat quests and everything goes to energy thats 460 points into energy at level 90 so thats another 920 more mana. Then you add on 180 mana from your items.

With the equip you listed thats 120% +mana w/o silkweaves and 130 /w silkweaves. I'll assume you have an 80% Battle Orders.

Total base mana w/o silkweaves = 1313
Total Base mana /w silkweaves (16 less stats in energy)= 1281

Mana w/o silkweaves = (1313 * 3.00)+135 from Shako+40 from 20 stat anni = 4114
Mana /w silkweaves = (1281 * 3.10)+135+40 = 4146

Basically you're looking at about 30 or so more mana at the cost of huge amounts of resistances and FHR... Imps is the way to go IMO.

Edit: How much are the results off? I do this with my guy and its basically dead on.
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