How does the new CE feel(beta 1.13)


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Dec 25, 2004
How does the new CE feel(beta 1.13)

Corpse explosion

I think because of how it works the moderate % increase could make heck of a difference since its kind of a chain reaction skill but does it actually feel much different?
Re: How does the new CE feel(beta 1.13)

In single player it feels exactly the same, it clears areas in one or two casts. I think there are fewer situations where I'm detonating 15 or so fallen or doll corpses to take out a larger target in the same room but it's hard to quantify that exactly. In multiplayer games it also feels exactly the same, you can blow a dozen bodies and still barely dent the HP of everything else around.

All in all the change feels rather meaningless. Playing with only yourself it was already a very powerful area clear that had no issues, playing with large parties it was an underpowered skill with very little practical use. If they wanted to balance CE they really should have done something about the multiplayer penalty instead of upping the base damage. Damage in 8 player games only went up by 2.2-4.4%, not enough to really make a difference.
Re: How does the new CE feel(beta 1.13)

I already loved it, no matter how many players, because the skellys dont die that easily so i can anyways blow 6-7 corpses with ease!
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