How do i work out which it the best sword


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Sep 16, 2006
How do i work out which it the best sword

So i'm a frenzy barb and i've been using this website to try and work it out.

Q1. It appears that weapon speed is dependent on frenzy level but how does this actually relate in practive. i'm level 24 on frenzy and in the skill tab it shows my attack speed at 7-44. Is this different than ias and why is it a spread of numbers rather than a single number

Q2. The results I get out for hits per second appear to depend on which hand the weapon is in. Is this right.

Q3. Would it be simpler for me to stop trying to work out the maths and just put a weapon in each hand that has the best combination of speed and damage as if it was just a one handed weapon?

Q4. Does the IAS on the right handed weapon affect the IAS total for the left handed weapon and vice versa

Many thanks in advance
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