How do I make a Hardcore Character?


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Oct 31, 2003
How do I make a Hardcore Character?

I just installed Diablo2 and the expansion the otherday and installed the patch 1.10. I can't seem to make a hardcore character now? There used to be a box to check under the name of the character you were about to create that allowed you to make a 'hardcore character' but it is no longer there? Just under the box that allows you to create a expansion character.

Sigh, please forgive me for asking if I'm missing something painfully obvious but i went through the 'patch readme' 3times and could not see anything mentioning it. i did a search on your forums and at Battlenet itself and have been unable to find an answer. I even uninstalled the game entirely and tried to play without patch 1.10 (my expansion is version 1.07.) However this still did not fix it.

Anyway if anyone has a solution please help me out, thank you in advance and I apologize if this has been asked before.

PS - I'm talking about making a hardcore player for single player when you are at the character creation screen in case it was not completely clear.


Ok, thanks for your reply, though I'm still very puzzled about this? I remember being able to make harcore characters at Level 1 in single player and there was no limit or never seemed to be, now I can't create any at all. Still...maybe that's the "key" as I have just started from scratch again (New PC and hard-drive, I lost all my characters I used to have, sever al that were 60-70th level.)

Any other replies on this would be greatlt appreciated still, thanks for your reply though Merick; your answer might well be exactly the answer I was looking for.

Yep, I believe you'll need to kill baal before you can make a hardcore character. The same thing happened to me when I re-installed diablo on my old computer.

It's not that hard to rush to baal, you can probably do it in a about 30 minutes, if you make a sorc (I can't really go into it on here, because i don't want to break any forum rules). Then you can start over hardcore for serious :thumbsup:
30 minutes for a normal rush? jeez, doesnt it usually take like..4? 30 minutes for a *hell* rush tricks or anything either..
ScruffyhawkIII said:
30 minutes for a normal rush? jeez, doesnt it usually take like..4? 30 minutes for a *hell* rush tricks or anything either..

are we talking about a solo rush here? I mean, if he's playing on bnet, then sure, he could probably do it alot faster, if he gets someone else to rush up him. But he mentions that it's a hardcore character for single player. Because of the fresh install, this will likely be his first character, and he'll have to make a softcore character before he can make a hardcore character, so he'll need to solo rush.
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