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Apr 21, 2006

Yet more proof of how item drops are cunningly designed to keep people playing as long as possible. I've been playing less and less recently, as RL has been taking up a lot of my time. but I logged on to bettlenet just to do a few meph runs to pass the time until i go to work. my second run, and as i'm tele'ing through the durance looking for the stairs, i stop for a moment at a whim to pop a chest, and what should pop out but a Lo rune! My second HR in about 5 years, both were Lo, both just randomly found on meph runs, and both from randomly popping chests. now what are the odds of that?

Not a terribly exciting thread, i know. but i felt the need to share, and the guys i live with just don't understand, they've been sucked in by this new fangled WoW nonsense.
I hear you. I hadn't played in a couple weeks, and decided to hop on for an hour or so the other night. Two minutes into my normal MF run with my summoner (Pindle>Shenk>Eldritch>Mephy>Countess>Pits), and Mephy drops a 14DR Verdungo's. Then after the immediate save, a cold skiller drops from some random boss pack that was being pesky on the road to the Pits.

It was rather amusing as a lack of good drops had put me on a slight hiatus.
The best drops are the ones you dont expect, my favorite one was a Jah rune from a chest on my way to meph.

i know the feeling, been playing less and less lately then bam, 29 fathom and a 40/14 dungoes in the same run from baals minions.probably used up all my luck for the next year.
Congrats. Turn that Lo into a sexy legit Grief or Fort. :jig:
congrats for your Lo. I didn't mf much these times and if i remember correctly, my best find was 111% ed Arach
Gratz on your HR find, I have yet to find one.
My best find was a nice 197ed Hoz (non eth) from a random in lvl1 Pit, not a gfg find but its still the best ive ever had.
I found an eth HoZ, and it was the perfect shield for my pally too. I was over the moon.

Unfortunately I will never, ever own a Zod.
Dondrei said:
Unfortunately I will never, ever own a Zod.
If you don't care about legitness, you can buy a Zod on West for 20 PGems.
I know, but I do care so I am screwed.
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