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Homecoming - Return to D2?


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Jun 29, 2003
Homecoming - Return to D2?

It has been awhile since I last played this game (5 yrs). Recently I got around to playing Torchlight and enjoyed it thoroughly. The Schaefer brothers really put a great game together in just 11 months of development.

The only problem: It is not D2.

The general lack of ARPG games led me to playing Torchlight. Ironically this actually rekindled my desire to pick up my old D2:LOD. I installed it to try out SP builds. I must say, that even after 10 yrs of playing this game, the moment I saw Akara, the memories started to flood back; and it felt good.

I played D2 since classic (back then you could gamble SoJs with a Manald and Nagal in your stash. Act 2 was the best to gamble since merchants did not refresh by simply exiting the trade screen), and Battlenet not long after. I have seen builds evolved along with the patches and was always amazed at how innovative some players can be in developing their characters.

When LoD came out, I started playing this game with a vengeance. You could say I was a power player of sorts (my record was lvl 1 - 95 in 1 day. This I believe was post v.1.08). I mf'ed all the best items and could run Baal in under 5 minutes consistently with a FO/Nova sorc. I played in a clan called Dueler's Circle (irony is that I absolutely suck at dueling) back then with KnownAsWolf, Strikex, Timkoo amongst many others. This was the Golden Age of Diablo for me.

So what made me quit? I left the game around the end of v1.10 / v1.11 due to reasons like studies / work commitment (blah blah..). But the biggest reason for me leaving this game was the level of hacking/duping/botting going on in these games. What is the point of legitly finding a Jah/Ber when the trading screen was spamming "40HRs++ for +1 Cold 45 Life skiller"? Unwilling to go down that route, I found myself trailing behind (literally) the Baal Bots and hackers. This was discouraging and soon the interest died a slow and painful death.

However I do not believe in "My Deeds of Valour Shall be Remembered" as my interest have been rekindled (or you can say resurrected) since Torchlight and I aim to start playing LoD again once Patch v1.13 comes out (God knows when that would be given that it was supposedly able to launch in April 2009).

Out of interest, I created a USWest account to see the action (Chat screens tells you alot). What I saw was somewhat disappointing. The opening screen shows that 30,000 players playing LoD (The figures in the heyday was easily 500,000 - 1,000,000). The Ladder Trading Screen in room 1 had 23 people only. Trading Screens 2 & 3 was a solitary and lonely existence for a lvl 1 sorc. To make things worse, I saw a "120 HRs for $15" on a website that has been spamming since I was playing. Bots still seem to be in full force. I have not played a game online yet, but from what I read on these forums, it seems like botting is still alive and strong. Still my faith remains foolishly strong that Blizzard would be able to fix this.

Is there anyone here on these forums like myself that is looking to start a fresh challenge when v1.13 comes out (if it comes out before D3)? Does the ladder become "Hot" again upon a launch of the new ladder with more players piling into a game that is over 10 yrs old? What has changed (or lack of) in this game that I should take note of?

Many thanks in advance from an old forumer. *Ends Rant*
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

Welcome back!

The bots and hackers are still in full force, sadly. I don't think Blizzard will ever be able to fix this problem.

The low population is due to two main reasons:
1. This game is old. With games like WoW, Aion, L2, GW, etc. out these days, gamer attention is split.
2. Several months ago, Blizzard promised a release of 1.13 along with a ladder reset. Who wants to play ladder, spend hours and hours working on characters, when in a few weeks (ahaha) everything goes to waste because ladder is reset and there's a new patch out with BIG changes? People stopped playing in anticipation of the ladder reset/new patch. Blizzard didn't deliver.

Don't worry, once a new ladder season kicks up, the game does get quite popular, partly because everything is fresh and uniques/runes/etc. do give players a thrill when they are found. Then the botters and dupers enter the game again, and everything goes back to hell.

Since you've played until 1.11, nothing has changed since then. If you go on Blizzard's website and download the appropiate files, you can now play without a CD. That's about it.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to the new patch when it does come out. I understand that they took away certain ideas like a shared stash amongst others. Is the possibility of respecs regarding skills still there? I vaguely remember reading this somewhere and it would be really great if this was indeed possible.

I am reading quite abit about Battlenet 2.0 as well (and all the wonderful things that go along with it). Would D2 still run on the current version when Battlenet 2.0 comes out (D3 would most certainly be on Battlenet 2.0)? I am not exactly a tech person and have no idea how complicated it is for a transfer such as this one. But if it is, we might be able to enjoy "some" hack-free gaming again.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

Numbers are down because we're all waiting for the ladder reset.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

Welcome back OP, I have the same experience with trying other ARPGs and coming right back to good old crack-tastic LOD. My worry is that I'll have waited so many years for d3, play it and love it for six months, and then get a hunger for the empty floor of a clear Chaos Sanctuary again and come right back to d2. If you were on East I'd offer to lend some time to helping you reestablish, oh well. Biggest change over the past couple of years is the spam flooding every unpassworded game has gotten ridiculous to the point that you have to practically tape down your N key to see anything at all (thank Tyrael that we at least have a button to clear the screen, didn't know it until this year as it wasn't an issue before)

If you go on Blizzard's website and download the appropiate files, you can now play without a CD.

Wait... What?¿ Seriously, how long ago did they add this feature? I've got so many burned copies at my parent's/friends houses so my wife can get some peace and quiet when we visit them. *Goes off to fight with superunique Blizzardpage Formatting - Immune to Expectations* Unless somebody wants to encourage laziness by pointing...

Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

I haven't played for over a year but I'm defenitely coming back when it resets. And I know more people that feel the same.

Blizzard taught us patience though.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

Seems like the response so far from this thread is that once the new ladder starts, the game would begin to repopulate from the current low numbers. Quite amazing really considering the game is over 10 years old.

In the meanwhile, there is single player to keep me occupied.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

i knock the dust off some of my old chars about once a month :thumbsup:
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

I'll proably play a little when 1.13 comes out. Would be nice to have a ring of people that would do some playing together without cheats, bots or dupes if possible, but that might be an impossible dream.
Re: Homecoming - Return to D2?

I'll proably play a little when 1.13 comes out. Would be nice to have a ring of people that would do some playing together without cheats, bots or dupes if possible, but that might be an impossible dream.

I would gladly sign up for this. Count me in!

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