Hmm, the SPF. I'm back! And other problem...


Jun 27, 2003
Hmm, the SPF. I'm back! And other problem...

Really doubt any of you remember me, but I was quite a regular here a couple years back.

Hey :wave:

An old friend reminded me of Diablo and I thought I would check out the forums, where I might play find some interest. And I have, I'm just installing it now. Cant wait to play again.

Ill see you all around...

I just remembered that my LOD CD has cracked. Any suggestions of how to install it?
Try using Daemon Tools and downloading an image file from a torrent site (I assume this is ok to talk about?)

Welcome back man. Gib enigma ;)
Downloading D2 off of a torrent site is software pirating, so no, it's not okay to talk about.

Further, there is no way to guarantee that the version you get from such a source is not modded in some way, so it's not allowed in the trade/MP pool either. This is about where the "what you do on your own computer is your own business as long as it doesn't affect others" line comes into play. :wink3:
Well I went to my EB store and picked up a copy. All good. Very cheap. Haha, you remember that enigma? Wow....
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