Hi everyone


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Mar 13, 2004
Hi everyone

Hi everyone out there i'm new to this forum and have some questions

I''ve been playing single player for nearly three months all by myself. During this time i've found some nice items and have made copies of them. So is it ok for me to trade these items away while keeping some copies for myself? Or am i only allowed to trade one item of each particular type which i found?

And what is the ATMA? What i've learned is that ATMA allows for self muling but i'm not that sure about the details. So far I've been muling through my brother's computer but lately his com is down. So i need another source of muling. And i've noticed that the items that were posted have a fingerprint on them. Does that come from ATMA as well?

Lastly the characters i'm using are built from scratch and the items are legit. The only cheat which i used is maphack. So am i still allowed to post threads on this forum?

Thx for answering my doubts.
first let me say welcome to the forums. and might i be so bold as to recomend a change of playstyle if you want to fit into this community and be accepted.

maphack is a definite no-no around her. you will be bbq'ed

atma. there is a sticky at the top of the SPF threads where you can go to the host site and download it. also you might want to check out the faqs.

no, people here will not trade with you if you ''dupe'' items, making extra copies of them. its ok if you find 2 different versions of the same items. say 2 different stormshields. but if you find one stormshield n duplicate it and then trade a copy and keep one for yourself, your duping. which is bad. so basically you never want to have identical fingerprints.

lastly we can't enforce any of this, except if the mods decide to remove you from the forums as ultimately its your own business what you do on your own pc, you'll still have your threads answered but people will not trade or multi with you. legit is more of a challenge anyway. give it a go

enjoy :lol:

@mil:i win! but then again at least yours makes sense :scratch:
Hi there, firstly welcome to the Forum.

1. The 'copies' that you've made are known as dupes, and is not what we deem as 'legitimate' items. So no, you cannot trade the copies here. The SPF works on trust, and the trust is that the item you trade is a 'one of' kind.

2. ATMA is a muling program which allows you to mule items between characters in Single Player, as well as create 'stash' files for you to keep all your items in one spot (when not on a character).

3. You certainly are allowed to post threads here, and just as a heads up...maphack is a no go as well.

You're more than welcome to do what you will on your own comp, but when you socialise with other members, I'd turn MH off etc etc.

edit: Gah beaten by teh sp4mmer
First off, a welcome...

*kicks Hamster in the shins with nuclear powered boots (sharpened) of eternal painfullness *

Kicking hamsters seriously sound like a case of animal abuse. :cheesy:

I was going to elaborate on your questions, but Mil and corax have answered them quite well.

frosty well I wouldn't abuse a Hamster too much, afterall, they do have relatives...ask George Michael about Gerbils!
Thx u guys more or less answered my qns

one last qn, say if i'm using maphack while playing alone and then i found some items. Will the items still be considered legit and tradable in this forum?
Nope, you'd find some high strung people ready to grill you alive. ;)

Peace out, have fun in your own game, don't mind it too much if some people here might seem rather fanatical about gaming standards. The responses have been beautiful thus far, and let's hope it stays this way until AE locks the thread. :lol:

No offense of course, its just touchy subject matter. ^^
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