Hey, whats going on?


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Jun 22, 2003
Hey, whats going on?

Well, as you know i havent been here in a while, because my CD doesnt work (i made a thread about leaving)
so i wanted to know whats going on?

any new patches, hacks, bad/good things?

Yes Mecal.

Blizzard has released a new option at char startup where you can now have the option of starting a character from lvl 30. However you get exp 5 times slower up to lvl 40.

Otherwise its the same. Lots of tppkers, chickeners, etc.
Oh yea and there is a new mode where you don't get infinate lives like sc nor 1 life like sc you get 3 total lives incase of lag etc. What was that mode called again guys?
Mulligancore was the best name suggested for any such mode...my apologies to whoever came up with it as I've forgotten your name. Of course that's 1 life and not 3.

And @mecal, no, not seriously, to the best of my knowledge it's still private games or risk being caught sleeping by a TPPK =/
oh ok, i didnt think so.

So i guess its still the same as when i left... oh well.

Good Luck to all of you! :buddies:
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