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Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?


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Jul 19, 2005
Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?

Seriously, modders could crack out new quests, new everything in weeks. We could test it, they could fix it - blizzard could elect groups of qualified modders to submit content ideas to be used as "official" blizzard material.
That's got to be a wet dream for everyone, right? Modders stand to be immortalized in D2's existence , and all the D2 devs have to do is wank and play D2 content and see what fits the best, and plays the best.

Hell, we've even got people out there who could do the bug repair to the code, from what I've been reading.

If these new guys don't even know where to start with D2's old, dead poorly organized (poorly spelled, too, apparently) code, why not hand the project off to someone who will do it FOR FREE, and for a good reason?

Am I barking up a real stupid idea here? This seems like a GREAT idea that would stand to have some real community representation, amazing PR, and laziness and corners to cut for blizzard, the D2 mantra - so why not?
Re: Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?

They did this with Civilization 4, to an extent (and it made the game superb, btw. Not so much the x-packs where they ignored the community again). Also with some smaller games. There's the issue of disclosing confidential information (the source code), but just make them sign contracts that say "tell this to anyone and we will eat your children, sell your house and pimp your wife" and I don't see why not. Hell, in 8 months I'm sure even I could do more than the official devs, and right now I know zilch about modding D2. Most of the changes are txt-file tweaks, iiuc (if I understand correctly).
Re: Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?

I agree, I'd even say a lot of positive things could come around if they were to hand the whole source code over to the public.

Lots of mods, new content and happy players. Now this may not only boost sales of d2 copies but also create more hype for d3. Also I don't think the devs gonna lose a lot to the competition by putting out an 8 year old code.

edit: 8 year olds, dude.
Re: Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?

I wouldnt like fanmade mods and additions, I always prefer something official. But granted this 1.13 patch is an epic failure of colossal proportions.

It is just so crystal clear that its only purpose was to reincite interest in the Diablo franchise and gear up more people for D3.
Re: Hey blizzard. Why not let US do it?

^But it could be official if Blizzard checked it all over and Ok'd it. I agree I would not want it to be a mod type of thing like Median (a completely different playing experience); leave that to Median. But just to fix major flaws, balance, and a bit of new item content, would be amazing.

I brought this up a while back and people said things like no way, it would get into the wrong hands, big disaster, etc. But with the huge number of fans, Blizzard could simply chose reputable programmers who would have something to lose if they crossed the line. I think the idea would be great because people are willing to do this for free, Blizzard. I'm tired of hearing this excuse that it's an old game and we should all feel so lucky that they spit on d2 once in a while and mumble about d2 in their sleep, oh how lucky we are.

The game is totally broken anyway, so why not give it a go?
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