Help With Mercenary for My Frozen Orb Sorceress


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Jun 24, 2003
Help With Mercenary for My Frozen Orb Sorceress

Hey, Everyone,
How's it going? I am not sure if others will be able to help me, but I decided to post this anyway. Currently, I have a level 81 Frozen Orb Sorceress (that's her only attack) who does really well against non-cold immune monsters, but cannot hurt cold immune monsters. I got her a Act5 Barbarian mercenary to deal physical damage to cold immune monsters, and that works out pretty well, except that when he gets cursed, he dies really easily.

Is there any way I can help him? Doesn't seem like his life leech, at 24%, is helping at all when he gets cursed. Should I get another mercenary instead? For the most part, I want a mercenary who can help me kill cold immune monsters and be able to stay alive. This may not be possible, and if it isn't, please just let me know that =P

I checked out the Ultimate Merc Guide V3.0, which suggests the following:
***Sorceress Single Tree Choices :
* ACT 2 Holy Freeze – For crowd control (best for non cold sorc)
* ACT 2 Might – For a Merc that will kill fast (good for cold sorc)
* ACT 2 Defiance – to give you more protection if required.
* Barbarian – As most other auras don’t benefit you – plus fast life regen

Would an Act 2 Might Mercenary be better for what I want? If so, what would be the absolute best equipment for him?

-=MaStA ViC
You could try Holy Freeze Merc with Reaper's Toll for ultimate crowd control. There is no other solution for IM curse then teleporting away (or using and Act 1 Rogue merc, which won't kill fast enough IMO)
i like the defience mecs for sorcs, just alittle added def but anything IM'ed is going to do as fast as it swings.. i would say either defince or even might merc with a nice 2hnder
Thanks for the replies and the suggestions! It looks like there is no way around the Iron Maiden curse then. Okay, maybe at least I can upgrade my mercenary. Which mercenary would have the most physical damage-based killing power and with what setup?

Thank you,
-=MaStA ViC
You can always give Fort and Guillaume's to a Act1 merc with some good bow (faith? windforce? whatever) to get a good killing speed merc that won't die to IM.
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