help with bowazon gear


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Dec 10, 2009
help with bowazon gear

Hey guys and gals :thumbup:
iv'e decided to make a PvM bowzon and was looking for some help with gear choices, i have 2 staple items for sentimental reasons :cloud9: that i will use regardless what haters say and that is:
bow- jah'd windforce
armor- zod' eth shaftstop with around 2200 defence
despite how dumb u think i am for those up there i dont wanna hear it, its a game and it's personal preference...but if u must hate go ahead i won't think less of you.
was just wondering if anyone could help me out with what gear i should get to fill other slots, hitting the right IAS and such. Thanks again!

Re: help with bowazon gear

i think KremBanan's guide on faith merc WF zon should cover all of your gear selection. and Shaftop is nice armour, but why jah in wf? i hope you know it is bugged :p
Re: help with bowazon gear

nah didnt know it was bugged heh havent played in a while. dunno ive been heaeing shael in WF is sick but ill check out the guide, thanks man!:crazyeyes:
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