Help with Barbarian

Ninak Erah

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Aug 27, 2004
Help with Barbarian

I've read that a barb with much hp and good eq is good for running lower kurast for runes (chest, baskets etc)
So.. can someone tell me how to make a barb with much hp (skills eq etc) that still is can kill.

Would be really greatfull for answers since i really need some high runes.

Thank you,
Ninak Erah
If speed is the key then add points to Increased Speed. Most rune hunters use the IK set and WW through the hell cow level. Don't know what eq is so can't help you with that :scratch:
necrolemming said:
Pretty much any well-built barb would work. The classic example would be the IKbarb. High def, ~4k HP, and serious damage. Try searching this forum for the IKbarb guide written by Aramil. It contains everything you'll ever need to know about an IKbarb.

Fair warning tho: If you're building a char with the expectation that high runes will rain from the chests of LK, you'll be bitterly disappointed.

Exactly my words. Runes can drop there, but not quite often. Clearing the Cow level an running the countess have quite the same results. I tried all three methods and stil can't say which one is the best.
Lets be realistic - If you are building a char with the expectation that high runes will rain from anywhere, you'll be bitterly dissapointed...
What they all said. But, I would suggest getting a stronger/faster killer.

Rune find % chance is low enough, chance for that drop to be a high rune is rediculously low. I'd suggest making a MF sorc or Hammerdin (but I'm biased, I love hammerdins) and clearing out high tc areas for items, and the fluke chance of a rune.
Bull has a point - perhaps if a rune hunter and mf'er were combined then you would at least get something from your runs. Remember rune drop is not affected by MF.
I'd go with an IK barb. I really like the set; it brings back memories of 1.09 on realm when I'd cow with all of my friends. But, now it's 1.10 and most of my friends either quit D2, or play illegitly(sp?) SP.

OT: Where's the best place to find IK Soul Cage? By best, I mean easiest quikest, and most convenient(sp?). Can't do pits, until I get another char into Hell. The immunes screw me.
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