Help with AntiCaster Barb!


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Sep 9, 2003
Help with AntiCaster Barb!

Hey all, this is my second Barb to 1.10 (I build and first one like in 1.09 and he didn't did quite good =/) and there's a lot of things I'd like to know.

Let me start off by introducing my Barb :) :

cLvl 90, PvP AntiCaster Barb, dual wielder, no block.

Stats :
All points in Vita
This gives me like 8k AR with WW, 6.5k life, 4-5k dmg

Skills :
20 WW
20 BO
20 Axe Mastery
1 all non-weaps mastery
1 BC, 1 Shout, 1 Howl
1 in all Combat Skills

Items :
Arreat's, Shael'ed
Eth BotD Zerk
Beast Zerk
Enigma Breast Plate
Fast Cast Ring with stats/resists

Switch :
2x low HotO's (nice for fast buffing and fast tele)

Charms :
5x Warcry Charms
1x Mastery
1x Anni

Ok, so here are the questions :D :

1) How do I get 8k life like everyone is talking about ?
2) What skills to max after the ones I listed ? I'm not going melee anyways, so no need to max Shout and Ironskin .. I thought about maxing Leap and putting rest in Natural Resistances, or is there something better ?
3) Are the items okay ?
4) What charms should I get ?
5) What is the 'double FHR' leap thingy ?
6) I will WW at 4 frames, but some say I'll hit twice or 1.5 times .. what is it and how does it work ? Like : WW#1, wait 2, WW#2, wait 2, etc or WW#1+WW#2, wait 4, etc .. ?
sounds not bad

u said ur gonna hit level 90, chuck the rends out and put a pair of dracs in.
everything is else is ok except charms....

8k + is onli available if u got life charms

39 x 3/20/20 = 50 runes on west now but u can buy like 39 x 20 life scs for 8 runes.

if u cant get 3/20/20's then the second option is 20 life sc's
Like paranoid said, dracs is the way to go, especially at lvl 90 or more.
To obtain higher life you need life charms.
You are correct about your skill distribution, but you could consider dumping the rest into shout after leap and some NR since it could help a bit vs the occassional zealot.

Double fhr- when someone is in the leap radius and not in an uninterruptable attack, leap will knock them back (KB) and they will have a FHR double the normal duration. This allows for a nice tele+ww.

1.5x hits - some say its 2x though, but basically since you have 2 weapons, your chances to hit are increased 1.5 or 2 times more.

I also reccomend getting a range of gear switches such as: wizzy or silence zerker, CoA or 08 gaze (dr vs smiters/zealots/zons and especially vs windys), absorb/resist gear.

Are 32020s really that expensive on west?
On east they go for around 2-3 per 1 high rune.
ya they are pretty expensive :/ like 1:1
2 silence zerkers... sounds good against sorcs.
1 is enough fool, btw nice avatar I love it.

Sike just playing you plagiarizer.
Ok, new questions, meh

1) Why ditch Rends at lvl 90? (why clvl90 lol)
2) Should I ditch all charms (WarCry, Master and stuff) to have full inv of lifers ?
1) Dracs have a big OW bonus (25%) and that damage is dependent on Clvl. 90 is high and does a lot of open wounds, far more valuable than ED from rends.
2) Yes, fine's of vita are preferable.
3.20.20 price

3/20/20 were like 40 of em for 80 runes a few months back but now if u buying bulk its like 40 of em for 50 runes...

some ppl sell at 3:5 runes
7: 10 runes
10:15 runes

depends who u trading with, if u lucky 10:10 is possible... i also got a few

3/5/20ar charms but no clue wat theyre worth
Aww, can't edit >_<

I got another question : I just checked the damage outputs, and 2x BotD Zerks are better than BotD and Beast .. why use Beast then ? If it's for the OW, I'll be using Dracul's and Gores, so it should be okay, no ?
It's for the Fanaticism aura; more ar + damage to both weapons from it, and since the main weapon hits more, that comes out to more over time.

Zser said:
Aww, can't edit >_<

I got another question : I just checked the damage outputs, and 2x BotD Zerks are better than BotD and Beast .. why use Beast then ? If it's for the OW, I'll be using Dracul's and Gores, so it should be okay, no ?
Wrong, check this other thread on duel wielding, I posted numbers that show that botd+beast is much more effective in both dmg and mods.

Here I'll even quote myself for everyone:

luis19 said:
Botd+beat zerkers reach the last ww breakpoint.

With or without angelics, more AR will help vs caster/melee pallys since they can reach good defense (casters) or insane defense (melee).

The dmg boost is nice too, increase from 4,400 max to 6,000 max on my main weapon (botd) while it maintains its own dmg of 3,500.
Lets do the math.
2 BOTDS would do approx ~4.5k each with my set up = ~9000 dmg on the 2nd or third hit. All three hits = 4.5 + 9 + 9 = 22.5k dmg.
BOTD + Beast does approx ~6k + 3.5k = 9,500 dmg on the 2nd or third hit. All three hits = 6 + 9.5 + 9.5 = 25k dmg.

So botd+ beast yeilds more dmg, and on top of that it has 20% CB, 25% OW, 25-40 strength, boost in AR as well as dmg, the ability to transform into a bear which is useful in some situations (summon necro, 10k and fast attack helps), and is much cheaper than a good ed BOTD (i.e. on USeast I can get a near perf for about 1 high rune while a near perfect botd costs around 5-6).

The only advantage botd holds is the 30+ attributes since it loses in damage, ar, and the many other mods I listed above.

And here are some screenshots for reference:

With Beast
Without Beast
There's a flaw on your maths : 2nd BotD adds 30 to all stats too, so it adds 30% ED and some AR

I don't get what you're talking about with the 2nd hit and 3rd hit thingies ..

I did my maths too, and I got these numbers :
Beast/BotD : 3246.3/6216.3 avg
BotD/BotD : 5025.6 avg

If both Weaps hits, you get 9462.6 avg and 10051.2 avg .. (I counted in %DS and %CS)
I did not count ds or cs since they don't trigger every hit.

There is a flaw in your thinking, botd adds 30 stats = 30ed but beast adds up to 40 strength. I'm using a 35 strength beast so its 5 more ed than the 30 stats botd adds.
30 dex doesn't add much AR, compared to fanta.
I counted in CS as *1.2 and DS as *1.5 (20% from Masteries and 50% from Gores/Highlord's)
Also, you're right about the Str Mod, but BotD has a higher base damage, so it ends up higher. Also, 30 Dex is 30*5 Base ar = 150AR. This is base AR, and since base AR gets multiplied by Mastery and WW AR Factor, it's like *5.8 (I did this by doing (AR2 - AR1) / 20 and removing a 20 AR SC from the barb). So you get 870 AR, which isn't that bad .. (with my test, BotD/Beast got me to 6187 AR, and BotD/BotD got me to 6087 AR .. not a huge difference.

To me, the only big difference is in the damage part.
Beast/BotD gives one high-damaging attack and one lower but that triggers OW.
BotD/BotD gives two medium-damaging attacks, but they trigger OW less often.

If you add both damages, dual BotD wins. If you look at a single blow, Beast/BotD wins.

Now, we need to know how often you hit and with what weapon to know what setup to use. :)

Edit: By the way, we can't compare our numbers with each other's, since they were not using the same items. We can only compare with our own setups.
CS and DS are mutually exclusive, you must calculate the chance of NEITHER applying, then the complement of this is the multiplier for your damage on average.

20% CS & 50% DS or 0.8 * 0.5 = 40% chance of neither occurring = 60% chance of either CS or DS occurring, so multiple by 1.6 for average damage, not by (1.2 * 1.5) which is 1.8.
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