help with a summoning build.


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Oct 20, 2006
help with a summoning build.

Hey, I'm in the middle of my first Necromancer, I'm almost at Diablo in Norm and I've gotten some decent gear along the way.

My main focus on this character is for Magic Find, I want to have a bunch of summons and skellies and stuff that just kill everything for me and use my MF gear for the drops.

I've got 3 mages, 6 skellies, and 6 revives at the moment, with a blood golem.

My main question is where to put my stat points, I've got 80 stat points built up and Im not sure where to put them. Mana seems a waste since I hardly use it, Life seems a decent idea but my main goal is to never get hit, and everything else seems like it would be useless aside from strength requirements for gear.

Any advice is appreciated!

well u could go max matter what...u will get hit...either by an arrow or a will happen...or u could go max life...depends on ur playing style...and use clay golem...not blood golem...did u put more than 1 pt in revive?? if so stop and max skelly first then sm(skelly mastery) then whatever u want...just a suggestion though...i mean ive heard of people going max revives...but they only last a finite number of min. not skellys can do... sry kinda side tracked with the skills..u want stat suggestions...yea like i said....max block if ur a defensive player or max life if u think other wise...whats the worst that can happen...just to let u know..i am lvl 92 skellymancer i have max block and 1k life....not sure if thats good...but its perfact for me...and if u do go max block and dont think you have enough life get a cta(call to arms) rune word if u have the funds...but i just dont need it when i get hit i block most of it and if i do i have the life to soak the damage up and run to my skellies to save me

sorry if theres some grammer issues
Vitality, and lots of it.

With a summoner, the chances of you being hit are slim, at least by phsical attacks that is (damn gloams) so there isn't a need for any block. What little you are hit by physical can be counteracted by a point in bone armor. Any elemental attack, you will need resistances to help with. Point being though, don't go block. However, no matter how hard you try, you will get hit one way or the other, so you will want vitality for when it happens.

As for strength, since I assume you are just starting out, I'll also assume no enimga, so strength can vary. My summoner has 30 total in strength, which is enough for a breast plate enigma, which makes me able to wear anything else. Every other point was put in vitality.

Since it seems its you first summoner, I would recommend a fishymancer. The guide is located in the stickies at the top. Or if anything, at least use a clay golem for the slow effect.

Good luck
yeah I've yet to max my skellies. I don't mind reviving every few minutes either. Ive got 3 in revive I think.

How do I go max block...?
Clay golem is better then? I liked the life tap on the blood golem.. Doesn't the blood golem also do more damage? or is it negligible when you've got 30 minions fighting with em.
The damage from your golem is pretty much always negligible. The slow from clay golem is a good addition though. Its awesome against bosses while cursing with decrp.

Iron golem is worth looking into as well, but is a bit more expensive if you want to take a better advantage of it, like say a iron golem made from an insight runeword, so you can corpse explosion away without running out of mana. The really rich (wasteful?) would make a iron golem out of a pride runeword.

Total Blocking = [(Shield Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)]

But like I said, there isn't much of a point to it.

Revives is a one point wonder. You'll find they tend to be dumb and disappear on you if you dont have a teleport source. Also, keeping alot of them can be taxing.

Again, read up on the fishymancer if you havn't already. It's full of all the info you need. Here, I'll even link it -
Oh man you do need help.

First and formost:
Hi and welcome to the darkside. Feel free to pull up a head stone and grab a brew.... wonder why mantis hasn't said that yet ^_^

Anyways if yor going for a summoner forget max block... The necro shields are crappy for blocking anyways. You should aim for max life. As for skills check out the Fishymancer build. It only requires 77 points to build.
20 Summon mastery
20 Summon warrior
1 Summon magi
1 Clay golem
1 Blood golem
1 Golem mastery
1 Summon resist
1 Revives ( you got more but thats ok)
10 Points to cureses (1 each)
1 Teeth
20 Corpse explode

With this build you can kill baal in hell mode without any gear (its been proven time and time again).

For cheap gear I would suggest to go with:
wand: any blue that gives you + skills to skeles
shield: sigons shield or lidless
helm: lore helm (runeword)
boots: +skills to summons
gloves: +skills to summons
belt: gold wrap
rings: nagels
ammy: +skills to summons
chest: the ghost armor that gives +1 to skills pluss can not be frozen is very good
First and formost:
Hi and welcome to the darkside. Feel free to pull up a head stone and grab a brew.... wonder why mantis hasn't said that yet ^_^

He had too many posts. Normally I only check the posting history with people <30 posts to keep it easy for myself.
Follow this link and read up on the commandomancer and fishymancer guides, or use you search tool to read the 1000s of other threads that answer just how to build the perfect fishy (quite the argument).

Anyway, this is ideal skill placement (for me) for a summoner,

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
20 Raise Skeletal Mage
1 Clay Golem (+skills will give this guy awesome life)
1-10 Golem Mastery
1 Blood Golem
1 Iron Golem
1 Summon Resist
1 Revive (you will be able to get at least 10 of these after +skills)

Curses: 1 point and +skills will do the job
1 Amp
1 Weaken
1 Terror
1 Decriptify

Bone Spells:
20 Teeth
20 CE
1 Bone Armor

Stats should go like this
Strength: Enough for gear
Dext: Base
Vitality: Rest
Energy: none

A true poor man's MF Summoner needs a boost in Revives.

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 Raise Magi
1 Clay Golem
1 Blood Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1* Summon Resist
1 Iron Golem
10* Revive
10+ One point in each curse (You can boost one curse for extra range)
1 Teeth
10* Corpse Explosion
1* Bone Armor

This build emphasizes wearing little to no +skills gear. I use it when I start up ladder.

You can make BA, CE, Revive, or SR 20, pending on your playing style. I recommend you max Bone Armor if you plan to do block with Sigons Shield because it makes up for the hp. Max CE if you're looking for more speed in your runs. Revive if you're looking to fight alot of bosses; especially Baal, lots of Reviving to be done here. I rarely max Revive though: they last 3 minutes each. Fun in Ubers though. Max Summon Resist if you're paranoid of Glooms, but a lvl 10+ Dim Vision stops Glooms better.
At very minimum, you can easily get +6 summon, so 1 point in revive should be enough even if you are broke.

+3 summon ammy (gambled), spirit sword, lore helm.
a poor mans summoner can get +10 to summons

1 lore helm
1 lidless wall/ sigons shield
+2-3 summon wand
+2-3 summon head
+2 summon ammy
+8-10 to summons without having to spend much ^_^
Excuse me, you can't get both head and sig shield.

And oops, I forgot the summon head. I was thinking of my sorc (which took more work to get a +skill shield).
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