Help with 6Socket weapon Question


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Apr 21, 2004
Help with 6Socket weapon Question

I am making Breath of the dying and I need a 6socket weapon.

I want either a 6socket superior colussus blade or a thundermaul or possibly a polearm axe.
What is good enough basedamage to make a BotD runeword out of ?

I like it to be ETH ofcorse. And I want the maximum possible damage(if I get lucky with the Ed). So if a thundermaul is greater damage than a sword, then I rather do that.
Help me with your info, if you could, post a pic. If you have a godly 6sock for sale, i can buy it.

/w *mindgem10
UsWest Ladder.
Why don't you try the trade forum :scratch: ?

BTW, the stats of all elite basic items can be found here.

Don't forget that the weapon speed is a very important parameter to take into account.
either make in a Beserker axe or a giant tresher or a archon staff.
style + dmg

-jordy :king:
Depends on which char you gonna use it on.
Colossus Blade for barbs or barb mercs. Zerker for palas or barbs. War Pike for act 2 mercs. Thunder Maul for barbs or druids. Your pick.
If there's ever a chance you might want to trade it at some point, I would say Berserker is the base weapon most in demand (eth of course, don't EVER make a BOTD in a non-eth weapon!)
Estimated market value