Help! PvP Fire Sorc


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Jul 28, 2004
Help! PvP Fire Sorc

Right now we are building a pure fire sorc.
The Items are what we might use:

Rising Sun
2 x Soj
P Um'd Magi or Dusk Nigma
9 Fire Gcs

The stats seem to be simple:
STR: enough for equip
DEX: base
VIT: everything else
NGY: 100 (more?)

Just a couple of questions:
With This gear what Fireball damage am I looking at?
How Much FCR would be needed to be optimize?

Not sure on FB dmg, it should be decent, but depending on lvl and charms...

105 FCR is ussualy a ogod number to aim for in sorc PvP builds.

Oh! One thing, no more energy! If you haven't built yet than change that! You don't need any unless you are going to be using a big ES.

The sorc hasn't even been named yet.....

She will not have ES, but I might put 1 point on a armor for extra defense
Yes, go armor, with a nice amount of plus skill that will make a big difference.
I think there is a cheaper alternatives that will do better than this sorc. I would go Fball Ormus, wizardspike, lidless (no block, if you want block go ss), +3fire ammy /w life (also Mara's for Cta), waterwalks (these guys give A LOT of life and will help equip your wizardspike, raven+soj, frostburn (you could have magefist here, but since your already hit the BP, more mana might be better than higher damage), anarchid mesh, shako. I think this build could take you far. You seem to have a lot at your disposable, if you want switch out wizardspike for hoto for extra damage ^_^. Also keep a eschutas on you when you duel melee/physical attackers when resist doesn't matter.
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