Help me test this IP address!


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Sep 26, 2004
Help me test this IP address!

I'm having trouble finding what my IP is, now that I've got ADSL :drool: .

Someone try logging in to, then we can to hell baal runs :thumbsup: .
Bah.... who knows how to determine an ADSL IP address on win XP? It's an external modem, connected to my comp via USB. It's got an ethernet hub built in....

For some reason, 'ipconfig' doesn't work. Is that normal?
I have had a problem with MP games since installing XP SP2. If you have SP2, you are probably as screwed as I am.
You may have to deactivate the SP2 built-in firewall, or reconfigurate it to allow D2 games. I had sam problem with personal messengers at work.

SP2 sucks, but then most of you already know it.
If anyone has figured out how to MP with XP SP2, please speak up! I would love to know!
control panel > security center > windows firewall > deactive it.
If that doesn't help you've probably done something wrong :p
Or you have another firewall etc etc
No firewall = NOT good. If you want to MP on line AT LEAST use zone alarm or something along those lines, if you disable the XP fw. Or your box is no longer your own.....

You can check the TCP/IP port for D2 (4000 iirc) from, go to the "shields up!" page. That'll tell you whether or not your IP address is "listening" on this port.
I have XP SP2 and am fine. First thing you need to do is turn off the Windows Firewall and use the firewall/security within your router instead.

For DII, you will need to forward the ports needed by the game. I believe it was port 4000 for normal TCP games and 6112-6119 for Battlenet play. The main one is port 4000 has to be open and forwarded to your personal machine.

heh...been with no firewall for years....guess I am just careful on how I do things...never been attacked, no virus infection, no major spyware problems.... can't use my router cause it blocks these forums for some reason.

Might try putting the router in again...dunno though
Kremtok said:
If anyone has figured out how to MP with XP SP2, please speak up! I would love to know!

Kremtok, just disable Windows firewall and install a third-party program. I am currently using Agnitum's Outpost. They have a "personal" edition you can dowload for free at their website, It is easily configurable, and they have some nice forums (non competing with this one ;) ) if you have problems.

or you can use ZoneAlarm, or Kerio, there are plent out there, and all bettere than the integrated XP one, since they actually let *you* decide what to do with your programs :p

Just be careful, I'd recommend disabling Windows firewall and installing the new one while *offline*. Having installed SP2 you probably won't have any problems if you stay online with no firewall active for the installation procedure, but there are some nasty worms out there waiting for a chance to enter your machine.
None of this is helping, I'm afraid!

I've disabled the firewall on the LAN connection (it was already disabled), which is the only connection in 'network connections'. Every single port on my computer is blocked, however, according to What's going on?
Every single port on my computer is blocked, however, according to What's going on?
I hate it when you post a message and it doesn't take, then you have to re-write the whole thing again. :rant:

Let's try this again.

If you block 'every single port', then of course it is not going to work. You have to open and forward port 4000 to host a network game. Check your router settings and adjust as necessary, then try again.

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