Help me out on "Slow"


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Jul 12, 2004
Help me out on "Slow"

or... "I'm Slow"...

Anyway... Just found a Hone Sudan and I'm deciding how best to use it. I'm wondering if the slow effect is combined or overwritten with other slow effects, in particular the clay gollem and the Holy Freeze auras.
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Maybe you mean Kelpie's?

The slow from clay golem and items are counted as the same and will overwrite each other (there is also a display bug related to this). It will stack with slow from other types (e.g. HF and decrep).
Re: Help me out on "Slow"

Well... guess I'm the fool. I meant Hone Sudan... thinking it had Slow. Guess I confused it with Kelpie like you say. Still on the watch for it then. Thanks for the quick reply.
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Is there anyone who knows the duration of the slowing effect?
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I'm not sure about the duration but it's worth mentioning that slowing is reset with attacks that have slow. So if the merc has a lot of slow (75% from Kelpie) and the character has some slow (10% from Arachnids), when the character hits the monster will actually speed up if it is already under the effect of the merc's slow. Presumably the same issue arises with Clay Golem, although I'm not as sure about that. Neither interfere with Decrepify.

Knowing the duration would be good- if it's pretty long, once Baal is slowed from Kelpie you could in theory then change the merc's weapon to something more potent.

I have a 1.07 Kelpie with "100% slow" but I haven't experimented with it. Presumably there is a cap which means that it has about the same effect as a usual Kelpie, except it is likely to be more effective on monsters sped up by the "extra fast" mod or Fanaticism.
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I use Kelpie on switch with one of my characters for act bosses. I would say the slowing effect lasts about 20 seconds on Baal in Hell difficulty. I will experiment with this and get back with you...

Just verified. The Kelpie Snare slow effect lasts for 30 seconds. I tested on creatures in Hell and on Baal. I would say it's plenty of time to "hit and switch" you or your merc's weapon to something more potent. For Baal, my Fishyzon uses Thunderstroke Javs and Kelpie on switch. I poke him once, and then switch to TStrokes for the Charged Strike kill. My merc keeps the Insight for mana and this method seems very easy and safe. Only problem is going to town to switch the bow for Kelpie before Baal.
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Re: Help me out on "Slow"

How does the slow effect of cold damage work in?

The slow effect of cold damage seems to add to the slow effect from weapons. I tested this with a Frostzealot wielding a Kelpie Snare. The monsters were slowed 56% from my aura and upon striking, were further slowed to a crawl.

The effect of the slow from Kelpie Snare, as stated earlier, wore off after 30 seconds. I noticed the monsters "sped up" from "ultra slow" to just "slow". Specifically, the monsters went from 131% slow after being hit with Kelpie Snare, to 56% slow from the cold aura after the 30 second duration of Kelpie's slowing effect.

On a side note, I used to specialize in slow characters way back when (1.09). You could get some massive slowing effects and there was no penalty when dueling (pvp). For those of you that remember, using slow was frowned upon but I never understood this. I always felt it was a tactical advantage. The bug, however, was even after death, the revived naked character was still slowed and it took FOREVER to reach their bodies. Most people had to save and exit, and sometimes they could not get back into games because they were full. Instead of fixing that bug, they went ahead and handicapped the slowing effect in duels....genius.

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RTB on this matter in various threads:

There are caps indeed. 85% for attack speed (total slow), and 75% for movement (total slow). Against a boss each source is capped at 50%, except Decripify.

Holy freeze doesn't chill, it slows.

Read the whole thread for further explanation and examples.

Also, see his posts here and this post. Last but not least, SinousSiren's post in this thread has some information on slow/chill, too.

Hope that helped :)

EDIT: Condensed info at the Basin.

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