Help me chose a guide


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Aug 17, 2004
Help me chose a guide

Well, im getting a little worried going around with my frenzy barb, hes pretty fun to play and kicks but too, but i just cant level him in baal runs due to tppk's... im going to evventually leave my fears behind and level him to a decent level. When that is done, i want to also end my paranoia of hostileness..ess...ness...ssesseseees...

Anyway, it would really help if somebody could post a guide or make some suggestions under 3 main rules..

This character can fend of pk's, not duel them but if i am hostiled, i want to be able to stand a chance on a variaty of pk's
This character has to be good at PvM, decent or godly, whichever at least they can fend of pk's.. dont want a really slow character though
This character cant have ANY godly items. I am still a little new to hardcore, and only have items up to level 30 ish to equip

If anybody could give me a guide or suggestion, that would be great!
Being able to fend off PK's is pointless since the only thing people die to anymore is TPPK. You can't fight someone already in town.

That aside... an LF/CS Javazon with a Holy Freeze Merc would be pretty good. So would a fully synergized, max block, DR Blizzard Sorc. So is a Lightning Trapper, although you have to know how to duel with them to really be able to fight back, otherwise you'd probably just spam MB on them constantly.
I'd say don't norm baal. Instead join games like trist games and act2 games and just kill Eldritch and shenk (if you're able that is). This will get your levels up in no time. I did this when the ladder just reset due to no good baals where running. It was fast. might even been faster than baaling cause of the obvious reason(noone teleing, hostiling, weak party and of course tppk). Just my 2 cents.

Edit: Btw don't think it's at all that common that people tppk in normal and if they do, can't see them choosing a bo'ed barb as their target.

Mkillerh said:
This character cant have ANY godly items. I am still a little new to hardcore, and only have items up to level 30 ish to equip

This statement is all it takes for me to tell you to jsut go to town or leave the game unless you are talking abotu low lvl PPK but even then you need good stuff or you dont stand a chance.

Low lvl PKs are usually prepared to kill things at least twice thier lvl and even poorly built or played high lvls. It pretty much takes a PK build to be able to kill a PK.
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