help for my wolfbarb


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Nov 11, 2004
help for my wolfbarb

i have a wolf barb at the moment he is lvl 81 and is doin ok against barbs/////zeal pallys and some other chars. my problem is ar i have a 6/5/6 wolf howl. a beast zerker, stone kraken, angelic ammy and rings, ss/w 38ed 3str jewel, gores, ik gaunts, dungos 33vit/15dr, 7 mast charms and some small lifers and some small dexer charms. all small dex charms are +2 and lifers are +15-20 life. im not risking the fine small charms of vita because they are disapearing on my other barb and i dont feel like wasting funds which are poor for this barb lol i have 17k ar with all this gear on is there anything i can do to mass increase my ar to atleast 25k or more? without sacraficing strength? cause i kinda need it to hold gear i was thinking maybe ik gaunts boots and belt thats a good combo and adds ar whats yalls advise? by the way i do like 956-2000 damage with some crushing blow and open wounds that enough damage? i think its pretty good but who knows any tips is good i have max iron skin bo shout axe mastery and 3 natural res drop some posts :surprise: be my buddy :buddies:
if i was you i would change your weapon.
since its a zerker it has a base speed of 0 and beast adds 40 ias.
thus it hits 10 frames per attack, 2.5 attacks per second, right :scratch: .
but if you switch to griz caddy with 4 shaels, you hit 5 frames per attack, you hit 5 times per second.
thats more chances to give OW and DS and knock em in to hit recovery.
but for more help, read the sticky.
or wait for zero-unit or (never thought i would say this) pip-owner :D

-jordy :king:
but dont forget

yea it has the 40 ias but it hits more then 2.5 times per second because it has the lvl 9 fana aswell. but another thing is i cant just change my mastery because i have maxed axe mastery. also the griz caddy comment i dont have the fundage for this barb its a ghetto wolf barb untill further notice ( if i like it and it owns people melee wise then im definatly going to fund it somehow lol.) but main question is on the ar effect how can i increase my ar?
the ias from fanatism is considered outside ias and thus it doest work in wereform.
and a griz caddy + 4 shaels is much more cheaper that a beast zerker imho :)

-jordy :king:
Hm well, considering your tight spot. Do you prebuff? It makes a tremendous difference in everything you have, the higher the buff the better your everything will be including AR. Alot of times people rely on their charms for AR and since your not heading for the poofingtypes you can always try the Grand Charms with Max/AR they work just fine. However it depends on what life expectancy your after.

make sure to get drac's too. OW and lifetap are key for wolfbarbs, since they deal relatively low damage.

drake's right -- make sure to prebuff with massive amounts of +skills. also, grab a demon limb and enchant yourself.

i know about the griz caddy now anyone post a screenie of it and can you tell me what the best small ar charms with no life are? or best large charms with life and then best small charms. plz if you will but i may change my mastery. thing i like about the beast is that it gives +3 to lycan which adds more life:)

so if nobody minds could you post a screenie of a 4 sheal griz caddy and the best small and large ar or ar/life charms :buddies:
no replys himmm..

no replys on this thread fer awhile i was just curious if there was anyway to increase my ar without losing my gaunts or my zerker. o well.
maybe, dont be lazy and look for yourself: arreat summit will do...
Griz Caddy
Damage: (111-125) To (129-146) (120-135.5 Avg)
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 78
Required Dexterity: 56
Durability: 70
Base Weapon Speed: [-10]
+200-240% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+250% Damage To Undead
Requirements -20%
40% Increased Attack Speed
Socketed (3-4) (varies)

add 80 ias from 4 shaels and get you get 120 ias...amazing...

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