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May 16, 2020

I have been informed of the forum migration by Tenecabo, so here I am!
I am a 32 years old guy from São Paulo, Brazil. I have played Diablo multiple times since the beginning, and recently got back to the game for another spin.
In the old forums I used the usernames StarWizard / SWizard / SWiz, but decided to go with my now usual handle in gaming-related websites, rafquad (taken from the first half of my names, RAFael QUADros).

You'll probably find me in the Item Find thread and asking multiple questions about builds/optimization/where to find stuff/etc.
I will probably not be interested in trading, but for the sake of informing, I am currently playing 1.14b, RWM, self found, and using ATMA to mule. I used to prefer running multiple instances of the game as that felt more "natural" to me, but I couldn't find a download of the .dll file compatible to the latest patches). 1.14b is the patch that comes with the Bnet digital installer, which I had to go to because my CDs are not working.

All my stuff is from patch 1.13 onwards, and currently I keep my characters, mules and itens divided between three major groups, based in each of my untwinked starts in 2015, 2017 and now again (but I went back to my 2015 characters to further develop them). Each group is based in a different character that I chose to start the game with. Irvine, a 2H Zealot for Travincal running. Terra, a traditional Fishyzon, and now Jhoira, a Meteorb which is currently parked in act5/Nightmare since I went back to playing Irvine and the other characters from its era.

I think that's it. Just wanted to say hi and hang. See you around the forums!


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Mar 12, 2020
Welcome! May I quietly suggest GoMule instead of ATMA. Big quality of life improvements. =)

If anyone is looking for a list of links to utils and mods etc. I have them all in here...



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Mar 25, 2020
Welcome! Thanks for explaining the name. Thought it was a spin from Farquaad from Shrek. :)

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