Hello everyone. (New guy thread)


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Nov 29, 2004
Hello everyone. (New guy thread)

I just wanted to say hello to everyone as I just joined the forums and mostly registered to talk to my fellow single players. So hello everyone! I hope to have some good conversations with you all.
Hello and welcome! enjoy your stay, the bar is in the corner, donations to the 'save farting bob from poverty' donation point is by the entrance. I hope you like squid here, theres plenty of it.
Welcome to the single player forum. Hope you enjoy your stay :thumbsup:

:xfrosty: erics
Better put your shin guards on, i think frosty is still around and he will kick(lick) you there. But any way welcome..
Welcome to the SPF :howdy: .

Hope you enjoy your stay here :thumbsup: .
welcome to the forums :thumbsup:
Hello and welcome to the SPF!
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