Hell Rush Sorc?

exile soe

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Feb 7, 2006
Hell Rush Sorc?

Hiya's im looking for a sorc thats cheap but can also rush hell any ideas/guides?
I have a ladder sorc up currently, she can hell rush but it takes longer than a hammerdin or a fully decked out sorc (or my barb for that matter :)) The Mercenary helps alot, as he kills the Cold Immunes for her. But anyways, my sorc is a Frozen Orb sorc, gear is to the best of my memory as follows:

Helmet: Peasant Crown
Amulet: random magical mf amulet
Weapon: Wizardspike
Armor: Skin of the Vipermagi
Shield: Spirit Monarch
Gloves: Magefist
Rings: 10% FCR rings
Belt: Goldwrap
Boots: random magical MF boots

Merc Gear: Insight Thresher, Tals Mask, Que-Hegan's Wisdom

Skills: 20 Frozen Orb, 20 Ice Bolt, 20 Cold Mastery, 1 Shiver Armor, I think 1 Energy shield (at least 1 anyway), rest into Telekinesis.

All of my good gear is on my Paragon Paladin (Javelin thrower) and my WW Barb, so my sorc kind of gets the shaft, however she still can manage with tactical playing.
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