Hell Baal bad luck? or is this normal


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Jul 20, 2003
Hell Baal bad luck? or is this normal

I started doin solo baal runs 4 the first time last night with my zon. It takes me between 5 mins to about 7 if its really messy on the way to the throne. My mf is only about 60 since i wanted them to be the safest i could and so far no close calls.....so anyway i did about 10 of these and Baal droped me absolutly nothing ....best drop was bloodfist. Never having done hell baal before and hearing such great things about his drops this seemed kinda disapointing . So is Baal like meph where he drops like crap for 10-20 runs then drops good or should i keep at it because this was just bad luck.
I did find a cold skiller on the way to baal though :)
Hell Baal is more or less exactly like meph, only he has potential to drop some things meph can't.
The thing is, the throne and the way down to baal are also good for rare itams.
Cold Skiller in 10 runs sounds pretty good to me, even if it wasn't from Baal himself. I prefer Meph over Baal just because meph is safer IMO. If you really want goodies to come your way you'll have to mf a heck of a lot more. 10 runs usually doesn't get you much, but I guess you got lucky with the skiller :thumbsup:
He dropped you bloodfist, you're lucky. Seriously though I have had really bad luck with baaldrops too. Mostly set and unique items of normal quality. My guess he drops like Meph only exception he can drop any item save annihilius. Just do more runs :), remember that all of worldstone is a level 85 area which I guess means any item can drop there too. Xp is nice as well.

As with all mf just do more runs, I will. :D
I did a couple hundred runs last season without much to show for it. They're much akin to running the Pit and then killing Meph, only you get a little more experience and the "Meph" at the end can drop some pretty crazy stuff. I did it more for the exp and the possibility of finding some sparkly new elite uniques... and in a way to show off my invincible Sorc and stare death in the face *gloat*.

If you find something good off Baal in 40-50 runs you're doing alright. You'll more than likely find more stuff on your way there.
Hell Meph has been much more of my friend than hell Baal. Not that the drops are that much different, but the path to Baal has gloams and OKs, not very nice to my IK barb.

Meph's pals are much easier. A strong merc handles the dolls with ease while I just watch.
for comparisson, I've goten twice as many Stormshields from doing Meph and Shenk/Eldritch runs as I've gotten from Hell Baal. To date this season, I think the best thing Hell Baal has coughed up for me was a set of 199/9 Titans.

It wasn't until I started using the first drop bug that I actually began to get a few items, this season. I run my IK barb with about 170-ish MF and finally started getting decent drops. As a sidenote, I hadn't found a Gheeds this season, until last night when I found two :D way to go MF Gods :thumbsup:
i ran another 10 or so runs between duelin again last night and found eth highland blade//eth criptic//eth ogre axe ...too bad they all sucked exept 4 the ogre axe which is kinda average with 680 max lvl 45...i think ill make a lvl 45 charger with really crappy items and see if i can ko anyone before i get owned :O
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