[HC Sept][Normal Act 2] ItsATrap, the HC assassin created for Count(l)ess runs


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Mar 13, 2020
Hey all!

Hereby is announced the new HC assassin amongst my babies, ItsATrap!

Originally her mission was to find Um and Pul runes at Countess - explaining the thread name, as ThouShallNotDie had a nice enough LK map but an awful Countess one, managed to find Mal, Ist, Gul, Vex, and even a Ber rune but couldn't get Um to complete the very desired Chains Of Honor runeword!

She is the assassin that will try to kill Hell Baal for the HC Sept I planned for 2021, hopefully succeeding three characters this year.

So here she is, now lvl 19, Radament's done...a real baby still ;)

Courtesy of @Luhkoh - thanks!

Added: @maxicek 's Shuko-jutsu: claws guide reference. Some shopping may happen with the Guardian to come ThouShallNotDie, even if he will be only 85.
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