HC Bowazon advices needed!


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Mar 19, 2004
HC Bowazon advices needed!

I'm going to make my first bowazon in 1.10 hardcore. I've got some mid-level stuff but not any things like windforce at the moment. I'd like to know which kind of build would be best for pvm, and to achieve guardian status?

You hc players out there who has guardianed bowazons, give me some advices!

Exact skill/stat placements are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance :drink:
Sorry if I'm being a bit hasty but please help me! :innocent: I haven't played bowazon since 1.09 when I had multi/guided bowazon.
Now I'd like to try bowazon in 1.10 hardcore. I've got only some decent items including Witchwild String, but I dont really know what kind of build would be best for playing solo trough the game safely!
Witchwild string on a strafezon is really awesome, or so I hear. Especially is you upgrade it. The amplify damage means you don't have to worry about most physical immunes, too!

As for other skills, you should probably get a god valk (17 with + skills) and anything else that will help you survive.
I have a HC Bowie on Bnet. She is level 73 at the moment in act 1 Hell. I use strafe and frozen arrow.

My gear is:
29% resist coronet (will use Kiras at level 77)
29% resist ammy
Lionheart Archon Plate
Upped 198% ED Lycanders(shael'd)
Nos Coil Belt
2 ravenfrosts
49% wartravs
rare +2 bow 20IAS gloves

I wish I had put more points in valk earlier. She is doing well so far, but I wish I had higher resists. Oh yeah, I also maxed LF and use Titans and sigons shield on switch for phys immunes.

Hope this helps...if you have any questions, or suggestions for me pm me.
Good luck with your zon!
First of all, good luck no matter what build you attempt.

No matter what build you choose, plan to max Valkyrie. She will be your best friend. Awesome Awesome tank. (some people say aim for slvl 17 with +skills, but my opinion is that the extra resists and HP that come from a higher slvl are well worth it)

A couple of good builds that require only mid-level equipment:

Strafezon (using crushing blow for bosses):
Needs a good bow (WWS is popular), max strafe, max penetrate. Use Freezing Arrow as elemental skill. Strafe doesn't include any innate bonus to AR, so you need to keep an eye out for things that boost AR (thus the max penetrate)

Using max Freezing arrow and Immolation arrow. Doesn't need a good bow because the damage is mostly elemental. Good versatility, and bost FA and IA include bonuses to AR, so less points are required in the passive tree. Sucks mana pots like crazy though. A good bow could even be the rogue's bow, because fo the fast attack speed. Elemental damage from charms/equipment carry over into the splash damage of FA (cold dmg only) and IA or EA (fire dmg only), and freezing length of FA is extended by extra cold dmg too.

I made a guardian with a Magezon variant using a Kuko. Was lucky enough to find a demon limb, which added nice fire dmg to the basic exploding arrows.

Good luck with your bowazon!
My Frostmaiden is going pretty well in the TWDII tournament at the moment.

20 Valk
20 Frozen Arrow
20 Cold Arrow
20 Decoy

3-5 in important Passive skills.
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