has this been done/ will this work?


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Aug 24, 2006
has this been done/ will this work?

so i have been wanting to see if i can come up with something different but thats really hard to do nowadays. my thought is to make a new type of melee sorc using throwing weapons. here is my tentative layout:

helm: dream
ammy: highlords
weapon: warshrike
armor: fortitude
shield: dream(surprise!)
gloves: 20 ias uniques,rares,or set
ring 1: raven
belt: nos's
ring 2: ?
boots: 40 frw

torch, anni, fire gc's, and some ar charms


20 warmth
20 enchant
20 fire mastery
20 light mastery
prereqs and utility skills

this leaves some points left over. i could get the old melee stand-by thunderstorm, a cold armor, or to be really different hydra(got all pre-reqs and maxed fire mastery). as you can probably guess i want to do hydras. it would be nice to see some not cast by council members. also this should allow a complete build by 91 i think(i hate lvl 99 builds)

im thinking that the damage carried from holy shock and enchant would be pretty devastating from a distance and the hydras would add an effective boost to my fire damage to balance the 2 trees(and be different). the piercing from warshrike should be nice against groups and this set-up will max the sorc's ias for throwing weapons(a measly 11 fpa). not to commited to any equip besides warshrike and the dreams so feel free to suggest if you feel you can contribute.

oh yeah, merc i think has to be hf or doom equipped.
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