Hardcore-items = regular items?


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Mar 2, 2006
Hardcore-items = regular items?

just noticed that you can mule between hc and normal with atma. How is this concidered on the forum since i have seen tournaments and such in hc-only etc etc. Personally it definetly took the edge off playing hc. any thoughts?
Personally, I think it is cheating, but some people are ok with hc to sc transfer, however sc to hc transfer is not accepted by anyone(as far as i know).
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There have been several extended discussions about this, see for example this thread. I think it is unacceptable, as it is using ATMA to accomplish something that cannot be accomplished in the game alone, even in theory.
Yeah. You can also dupe items with ATMA which is totally wrong. Just because you can do it with atma doesnt mean its not cheating.
ok thanks for your thoughts. As Hoop76 said i kind of thought that everything with ATMA was ok (just downloaded it).

It's getting more and more clear, new ladder or new game. Is it 8 years now? the only game I've ever bought.
Its a personal choice. I started a HC character and twinked him with SC items. As long as you don't trade your SC items with HC people there shouldn't be a problem. Once a character is tainted by SC items in HC I would consider him and any items he finds to be SC.
By definition, hardcore mode characters keep their stashs, items, and characters completely quarantined from softcore. If you put a cracked sash from softcore into your hardcore stash, you're no longer hardcore.

Some softcore players don't care whether something came from hardcore or softcore because it's all the same to them, and others don't, but again, by definition, hardcore players will NOT accept softcore items or softcore-tainted items.

If you make the mistake of mixing the two together, or muled items off of a dead character, I would recommend considering everything that you currently have as softcore (including characters), and make a separate brand new stash for hardcore items found from newly created hardcore characters.

Otherwise you're not playing in hardcore mode, you're playing your own game...
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