Hammerdin Question


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Dec 18, 2006
Hammerdin Question

(This is my first post, so forgive me)

As of right now, my Hammerdin is as follows:
Lvl 87
Lvl 20 Hammer
Lvl 20 Concentration
Lvl 20 Blessed Aim
Lvl 20 Vigor
Lvl 1 Redemption
Rest in Holy Shield

My gear boosts my skills to the 40's, and im currently doing 13k-13kdmg.
Strength: 75 (Anni + Torch boost to 103 for AP Enigma)
Dex: Base
Vitality: 300
Energy: Base
Unused Points: 130ish

So my question is, should I invest my remaining stat points in Dexterity to get 75% block, or should I pump vitality to 430ish? With my BO, my Life is at 2.2k, which isn't high. I only block 23% of the time, so I dont know if it would be more useful to get max block or more life?
you dont HAVE too, its all a matter of preference... my lvl 92 hdin doesnt have max block, and he lives fine, pure vita.

about 34% block chance (with a royal spirit)
and about 3.4klife with bo.

never have problems...
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