Hammerdin - Dream question


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Nov 5, 2005
Hammerdin - Dream question

I have a hammerdin which I only do chaos runs. I have gotten to lvl 91 without doing ancients, so I have become pretty good at using it to do chaos runs, with the normal gear.

I only have 75 fcr because I do not have an arachnid yet.

Ok, on to my question. Has anyone put a dream on their hamerdin solely for the 10% Chance To Cast Level 15 Confuse When Struck mod?

I like doing my chaos runs solo while other people sit in town on baal runs (or whatever they do), and I do find that like jumping into the biggest group of baddies. But then I have to take a rejuv potion, and then collect them later.

Would the fact that monsters are always confused (and therefore not hitting me) be worth losing the skills/life/mana from shako?

Dream also can get me closer to the 86% fhr bp, as well as offers some resis, little bit of life, and little bit of mf.

As soon as you TP into the pack you'll start casting those hammers. As soon as you do that everything will die. I'm guessing you only get hit in that instance where you TP into the pack BEFORE you get the hammers going. So maybe you take a hit or 2 right?

Confuse doesn't seem like it'd do much for you in that case cuz you still need to take a hit for it to proc, it'll only proc 10% of the time and once your hammers get going you don't really care if they are confused. Actually, you don't want them confused... you want them all walking into your cloud of hammers.

Keep the Shako and try being just a tad less aggressive... you'll save time overall by not having to pick up so many Juvies.
Thanks for the advice.

First of all, maxing res lightning would not be the way to go, as that would sabatoge my hammer damage, i have an aura din, but have stripped it.

I do 11k, and I don't see that number getting any larger. Things don't die instantly, as I like to chaos with more than 5 peeps in the game. I was asking to see if anyone had tried it as I don't have a dream helmet just lying around.

I do get hit a few more times than once or twice in each pack, and the proc would also help when they are mana burn.

I also have over 3k life, and it is really hard to tell how much I have left without pulling up the character screen. I also have max'd resis (even when cursed with lower resist), but amp damage + a group of people can take chunks out of my hp.
If you're having issues with being near death after teleing into a group of enemies, do what I do, ber your shako and equip a pheonix and make sure you have max block on it, I don't think I've died yet which is always a plus. I only have 3k life, but have 12k hammers that are godly in pvm.
i think a max block with spirit is a must and hit the 86%fhr pt is a must. just remember that u don't alaways have to tele on top of the monsters, u can always spam hammers and run around, and wait till monsters go in ur hammer radius.
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