hammer din / smiter quistion


Nov 22, 2008
hammer din / smiter quistion

i just would like to make some smiter, and because i already got operating hammer paladin, i wounder if my set up could work:

triple res ring
marrow ( w/o it i got 60 block, with 75 :( )
20 ias gloves ( because i got no ias other wise :( )

can that be workable? i only got 20 ias, other wise my res will significantly drop and mephie will take his revenge on me.

any suggestings what should be improved?

( and i am running conc aura, should i put pt into fana or keep high lvl conc? )

/edit and because i ll be teleing, i ll keep spirit / hoto on switch, so no life tap wand to help out. could i tank them long enough before life tap kicks in?

other info about toon:

2.8k hp ( should be about 2.5k after spirit down )
max res ( with fade should be maxed when standing next to mephie, more or less )
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

Well, you don't really need to do anything with the skill points. Just make a regular h-din set up. All you really need is a good gear swap when you decide to use smite...unless you want to use smite and hammer together without running back to town and getting gear changes...in that case, I recommend

-getting a upgraded HoZ, um'ed
-wearing a pair of drac's
-grief phase blade for fast smiting
-keep in mind fcr breakpoints are 48% and 75% for hammers
-get some fast hit recovery in there as well, since you don't want to be stuck at recovery mode while you're smiting (shael'ing your shako?)

Good luck!
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

I find having a point in Fana useful for the extra IAS, it'll help much more than the extra damage from Conc or the IAS you're getting from those gloves, since most of your damage will come from CB anyways (I hope that Last Wish is in a Phase Blade, or you'll be slooow). Marrow's got Life Tap charges, so why would you need a Life Tap wand on switch? I agree with DoomBoy's suggestion about using Dracul's anyways, they'll prove to be more useful than IAS gloves in the long run.
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

forgoten that marrows got lt when wearing one of those :(

so for my switch, i should look for grief / zaka and drac's gloves? what about CB? i ll have none that way. only reason why i was looking for LW PB was of its 60-70 CB that could help me loads.

and hammer's switch i am using hoto ( 40 fcr ) and spirit ( 35 fcr ) so i got 75 bo :)

would it be possible to run ubers with zaka type shield ( not elite version ) and lw? ( just talking about budget :) )
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

Guils face socketed with resists for CB since your set on using marrows. As long as the exile is in an elite pally shield, you don't have to swap it out. If you keep Exile, you can switch Marrows for Gores to gain some CB then use Kiras for resistances. Crafting some IAS/CB/life/res gloves would be a great solution for IAS as well.

Elite shields have higher smite damage, which you will need especially if you are using LW to take the last remaining life from the Ubers once CB stops being effective.
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

if i ll change gullie then i won't get 18 dr from Shako ( it's ber'ed )

kira is nice, but again, no dr and i ll die to hard physical hitting spawns ( :( )
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

Didn't notice you were using Exile, you don't really need Dracul's then. I think the idea of getting a LW for the massive CB is a good one and you can make do without Grief, I've never tried it but BH should deal enough damage too to kill the ubers when they're down to a sliver of life anyways (which is what you're being suggested Grief for).

The only way to know for sure is giving it a try, but I think if your resistances hold up (you've taken into account Meph's Conviction, right?) you'll be fine. Good luck!
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

DR% is not a huge need in UT as most damage you will take will be elemental. I would still Smite the ubers instead of switching to hammers to take the last life away, due to Life Tap.
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

current set up

shako ( tonns of life )
enigma ( ... dont have anything else .... )
mara ( res )
lw in about next 2-3 hours ( pre buffing fade + cb + ctc life tap source )
zaka ( non upped yet, going to be pdia in it )
t gods ( would crc going to finish me off? )
rare triple res ring
chance's gloves ( ^^ going to get 20 ias here ^^ )
raven frost
marrow walks

only problem in my eyes is ias. :( (20 ias should do something, right? )

/edit: where's ias table for pb on pally?
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Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

Without Fana, right? Here:

0 % IAS - 9 frames
5 % IAS- 8 frames
24 % IAS - 7 frames
65 % IAS - 6 frames
Re: hammer din / smiter quistion

after killing mini ubers without sweat, i think i can do mephie with special switch.

raven --> res ring
shako --> kira 61@ ( freshly dropped ) thinking to put p ruby here ( every hp counts, and mephie's aura is insane ¬¬ )
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