Hammer-Build question


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Oct 30, 2006
Hammer-Build question

It seams like there is ALOT of builds for a hammer. So i need to advice.
I'm going to build on that I mainly are going to use for mf (I dont like pvp).
Areas i'm going run is the pit/wsk1-3/Arreat Summit/Throne of Destruction/all temples in kurrast/travincal/pindle/shenk/eld and so on :D

What i think i'm going to wear is
Hoto (wiz (ist) when mf)
HOZ (ist or um)
Chancies (mage when not mf)
nagels + dwarf + raven (depending on area (and soj when not mf))


skills:Maxed hammer (synergies, and the rest in holy shield)

STR:enought for wear items (wana have enought so I can wear everything without any help form anything else)
DEX:Enought for max block
VITA:The rest
energy:what is this?? :D

well, here is the thing. I started to play a few month ago, so i cant say i can these to well, so i realy need to get help/tips on this.
Does it look good, should I change anything, and if so, why (dont just say change this for this)??
If you're going pure mf, I'd switch arach's to up'd goldwrap. Ptopaz the shako, Ist the HoZ, and get a mf +2 pally skill, or mf +3 combat skill ammy.

I always preferred 2 sojs at all times. I could never get my hands on pnagels, and it seemed like sojs would be a better acquisition for the long term. Just load on on mfscs, and get a high gheeds, and you should be good to go.

Maybe it was a typo, but you're not actually gonna run the areat summit for items are you? If you like clearing dungeons, you should also consider running the pits, and the ancient tunnels.

Pindle takes a second, but hdins can run d-keys really well, so you might want to consider doing nihlathak

I always liked running the chaos sanc too. If you dont do a full clear, it takes about 40 seconds (or less) to spawn diablo.
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