hai got litle question about using raven on ww/trap hybrid <


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Oct 5, 2004
hai got litle question about using raven on ww/trap hybrid

so most people tell me to use raven frost for it's dex and cannot be frozen
but i could manage withoud the dex easely and i was always told that a frozen wwing char is like 7 wws in 1 so i wonderd if that is true also for assasins and what your opineon is
thanks in advance
When frozen you will attack slower and you will lay traps slower....my vote goes for use of raven.
Everything else getting slowed down is a bad idea, trap laying, tele, run/walk, etc. It's a bad idea, use the raven, plus it has AR, cold absorb, extra mana, etc. Too good to pass up IMO.
If you wanted, you could put a cham into your helm and then you could use an fcr ring/soj/bk. But ya the ar, cbf, cold absorb, dex and mana are really good and all in one ring.
Curious, is 4.2k life still the high point for ghost sins and hybrids? I've heard rumors of 4.5k life and not sure how this is possible.
only possible with 40+life skillers and high level with a high vitality build, my friend's one have 4k+life
4.2k is the high point for a PERM assassin using GCs. Some of the guys over on East have been using a bunch of Scs for more life/ar as opposed to shadow skills, which is actually viable on a pure ghost (not a hybrid, which needs the skills).

The assassin that I got 4.2k on had:

40+ Lifers (8 of them, 1 FHR)
20 life on all Scs
15 Strength points added
Base Dex

You could make an assassin with more life, but you'd lost FHR mostly (no dancers, unless you can make it up with unperm boots), some skills, possibly trap speed if you socket for life also. 4.2k is the max for a hybrid if you are going to hit the other breaks that make you an effective dueler.

Besides, isn't 4.2 life, 60% claw block enough?
well if you cast bo with lvl20 via sojs, maras, harlequin's etc you can get some more life i guess ... i think a guy called shush on scnl europe comes close to 5k life on his lvl98 hybrid ww/ls per preboing, but he also owns the best of the best stuff.
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