Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)


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Nov 23, 2009
Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)

Hi all :whistling:

I plan on making a trapper for general pvm/mf. I have a hammerdin, its great, but I am thinking about a trapper too!

Here are qeustions:

1. VS bosses, how slow would she be? Or maybe she will be quite fast? My merc has CB from infi, so it shouldnt be a problem correct?

2. So yeah, just my whole point in asking, are trappers good for pvm and mfing?

3. Im kinda looking for a pure damage trapper. MF is just a bonus.

4. Merc. For Chaos runs, what if he gets killed too many times by IM?

5. Dayum I did a research and DayDream said

Light facets, griffons,mf, gf doesn't work for traps. Only "Shock web"

Erm.. gloves can only get passive,bow,jave,martial arts skills
and +1 fire, +2 curse from mage/trang
I'll ask more if I need :)

Thats what he said :(

Thanks! :D
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Re: Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)

1. With the gear you seem to have your hands on I can`t see why you should have any problems with bosses. They will probably be a little slow, but you can fix that by using one point in DTalon and equip Guillames to help the merc with applying CB if it is too slow for you. AR won`th be great, but it will speed up the process.

2. Yes, among the best characters in the game.

3. Isn`t a question

4. He will die from IM sometimes. You could use infinity in a normal polearm, but as I play SP the use of HRs like that seriously makes me want to throw up. Otherwise you have to live with some merc deaths.

5. MF and GF works fine with traps as they are considered "minions", just like the necromancer`s skeletons:) The reason Light facets and griffons doesn`t work is that -light resistance only work on your attacks and spells, when the traps are in fact their own monsters. Conviction and Lower resist works fine, though.
Re: Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)

Thanks for help

Few more:

Fade or BoS when pvming?
Re: Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)

If res is fine, BoS for speed, especially moving. If not so good or just a conviction guy, then yeah fade.
Re: Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)


Someone confirm that trappers are good pvm/mfers =.=

I don't think they are? I mean, if merc dies from IM , traps not being strong enough, etc.
Re: Guys! You gotta help me with mf trapper! :)

I confirm that trappers are excellent pvmers.

Merc should not die to IM (usually, a low dmg base weapon is for merc who do CS runs). MB and CoS applied heavily will stop them.

Traps do enough dmg even on a pvmer. Remember, you have 5x :p Once you get a corpse, don't forget about good ol' DS exploding the mob for you ;)

They can even do this with decent MF.
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