[Guide] 1.00 item guide (how to gain certain items)


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Apr 27, 2009
Originally posted by Treeharl on Jul 31, 2016

Not going to write a whole introduction here, this information will be pretty straigthforward. The use of this (mini)guide is concerning how to get certain items and certain items only on version 1.00. I only list the best scource.

Unique Items

Gamble me! Any level any difficulty!

Hand of Brock
Spectral Shard
Chance Guard
Goblin Toe
Treads of Chton
Lidless Wall

Gamble me to gain more rares! Any level any difficulty!
Biggins bonnet
Nokozans Relic
Eye of Etlich
Mahim Oak

Cow King (don't gamble me!). Normal difficulty is best scource!

Usefull items
Stone of Jordan
Culwens Point

Put me in stash to get decent rares! Normal difficulty is best scource! (Don't gamble me!)
Manald Heal
Undead Crown
Face of Horror
Heavenly Garb
Tannr Gorerod
Iron Jang Bong (can't even be gambled, lol)

You can gamble me if you want to spend loads of gold, or you can hunt me!

Iceblink: Get me from the cowlevel at normal (not from the king) you could also concider spending loads of gold to gamble me.

Rattlecage: Gamble is the most reliable way of getting me, but beware I cost a crapload of gold. Gold you could also spend on about 10 amulets. 25% cb isn't that great on 1.00. You could also get me from random act 4 monsters. Run outersteppes normal with 200 mf for the best result!

You can't gamble me nor get me from Cow King!

Ume's Lament. Get me somewhere at act 4 hell. I drop sometimes when you kill alot of mlvl 80 mobs when you have 200 mf. Also diablo could possibly drop me on his questdrop.

Maelstrom. You can't get me unless you're luck goes to levels above 9000+. On a serious note arcaine sanctuary normal is the best scource with atleast 250 mf! Gl getting the rarest usefull unique item.

Torch of Iro, Knellstriker, Baneash... Not usefull but I bet you, you won't find them. Best scource underground passage normal with atleast 250 mf and 5 players in game. Takes atleast 50 tries before finding one. (Congratulations you obtained the rarest useless item from 1.00)

Set items

(this willl be short)

Sigon's guard, Cow level normal with 100 mf with 3 players in the game. I bet you find one after two or three runs. Goes even faster as gambling one! Cow King doesn't drop me!

Death's Sash: Gamble

Viridia's fetlock: Gamble or Cow level normal with 100 mf with 3 players in the game. I bet you find one after two or three runs.

Socket items

Tower Shield: Shop one in act 3 normal.... Can't make it more easy!

Normal items

War Scepter with 3 Holy Shield: Shop me on act 4 any difficulty

Superior Mage Plate: I drop very common at act 4 hell (look for increased defense!)

Superior Harpoon: I drop very common at act 3 and act 4 hell


Normal Gems
Trav nm is your best scource as they have a dropbias of gems. Also when you got a ROF with maggots at nm or hell you seem to get lots and lots of gems!

Flawless and Perfect gems.

Make hf runners and go for normal hf, delete your rushed character afterwards.
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Apr 27, 2009
Rare items #1


The most sought and most difficult rare item to get your hands on. The fact you need an amulet with an ilvl of 90 before you can get +skills is well known. What is less known, amulets have a magic level of +2 on prelod and as such an ivll of 87+1 will surfice. For regular monsters this fact is useless, the highest mob, a boss urdar has a mlvl of 85. This means only diablo hell is going to ever drop +2 amulets. Due to your dismay the 6pskull receipe is only available on versions 1.04 and higher. This means gamble will be the best scource of +2 amu's. Since gambling has a -5/+4 ilvl difference the first +2 amu's can be gambled at clvl 84 (10% chance), I would recommend to gamble at clvl 87 (40% chance).... But there is more. Lets look closely to the prefixes and afflixes from ilvl 27 to 55.

Modifier                                        ilvl
+15-25%  to each Resistance                     27
+16-20 to Dexterity                             30
+41-60 to Life                                  30
+21-30 to Mana                                  30
+41-60 to Mana                                  30
+1 to Sorceress Skill Levels                    30
+1 to Amazon Skill Levels                       30
+1 to Paladin Skill Levels                      30
+1 to Barbarian Skill Levels                    30
+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels                  30
+16-20 to Strength                              30
Damage Reduced by 4                             35
Magic Damage Reduced by 4                       35
Adds 1 Minimum to 2-6 Fire Damage               40
Adds 2-7 Poison Damage over 3 Seconds           45
Adds 1-8 Lightning Damage                       50
Adds 1-4 Cold Damage,                           55

This table shows us that amulets till ivl 35 can be very decent, but the elemental damages are definiatly unwanted. Basically if you can't gamble +2 amu's we should hunt for ivll 35 rare amu's

Scource of rare amu's
- Gamble with a character with a clvl of A exactly 35-38 OR with a character with clvl 84+ (clvl 87+ recommended) by far the best scource!
- Diablo hell, both quest drop and regular drop for + 2 amu's
- Normal cs for ivl 30-33 amu's. Getting your hands on ilvl 35 rare amu's is very very hard!

Not dropped from Cow King!
When you gamble amu's ALWAYS have all three unique amu's in your inventory or stash.


Next in class are rings. 1.00 is famous for low level easy to get leach rings. Luckely rings are among the easiest target as Cow King drops them quite frequent. The highest decent modifier requiers ilvl 62 this means Cow King hell is more than sufficient to get anything on your rare ring you want. This also means that gambling on rings is A BAD IDEA! I explained in my other guide how you could use the Cow King to gain decent amount of your selected rare items.

Should I run Cow King normal, nm or hell for my rare rings? That is up to you. Normal has the best chance of getting a decent to a very good ring while Cow King hell can drop truely insane rings but also very bad ones...

Modifier                                        ilvl
+31-40 to Life                                  24
+31-40 to Mana                                  24
Cold Resist +31-50%                             25
Fire Resist +31-50%                             25
Lightning Resist +31-50%                        25
Poison Resist +31-50%                           25
+121-150 to Attack Rating                       27
+21-30 to Mana                                  30
+41-60 to Mana                                  30
Poison Resist +11-20%                           35
Adds 1 Minimum to 2-6 Fire Damage               40
Adds 2-7 Poison Damage                          45
Adds 1-8 Lightning Damage                       50
Replenish Life +5                               55
+11-15 to Dexterity                             60
+15%  to each Resistance                        62
+11-15 to Strength                              62

As you can see everything from ivl 35 till 55 is terrible!. This means running Cow King nm for rings is plain stupid!

Scource or rare rings
- Cow King hell for the best ones (drops all modifiers)
- Cow King normal (ilvl 31) for decent ones (you can farm these very quickly with a decent seed)
- if you still want to gamble rings NOT RECOMENDED either gamble at clvl 30-32 or clvl 65+

Always carry nagelring and manald in your inventory or stash when hunting rings. Putting a soj in your inventory or stash is up to you, but another soj definiatly woudn't hurt would it?


Boots are very tricky at 1.00. Below ilvl 32 they can get already insane... However after ilvl 32 there are two mods that are (slightly) intresting. The dragons prefix 31-39 mana and the 11-14 dexterity suffix. While these modifiers certainly have a niche at 1.00 I don't think they are worth going for... The table explains everything

Modifier                                        ilvl
+21-30 to Life                                  20
30% Fastest Run/Walk                            22
Cold Resist +31-50%                             25
151-160% Defense                                25
Fire Resist +31-50%                             25
Lightning Resist +31-50%                        25
+16-20 to Strength                              30
161-180% Defense                                31
181-200% Defense                                36
+11-20 to Mana                                  37
+7-10 to Strength                               47
Adds 1-8 Lightning Damage                       50
+31-40 to Mana                                  52
Poison Resist +21-30%                           55
+11-15 to Dexterity                             60
+11-15 to Strength                              62
Replenish Life +3                               70
As you can see boots get really bad modifiers after ilvl 31, with two exeptions. The all in gamble for boots with dex is risky.

The following boots are usefull
Boots (Can be gambled for 2500) Gamble those clvl 30-34.
Greaves, possibly the best of them all as they drop from Cow King normal Ilvl 31
Demonhide Boots, Imbue with a lvl 26-28 character or run Black March NM with 220+ mf. Aigain defense doesn't really mather in 1.00 you better leave those alone!

When you're running Cow King normal always have Tearhaunch in your stash!
When you're gambling boots always have Hotspur in your stash!
If you really want 14 dex boots gamble those at clvl 60-63. Don't ever gamble boots with a high lvl char!


I can be short here as gloves only few moddifiers that are actually usefull. A combination of slightly increased attackspeed combined with precision (up to 19 dex) or an mf% gold find combo with resist. Still rare gloves are rather underwhelming, you pick them up when hunting rare boots from Cow King normal or hunting rare rings from Cow King Hell. Leach doesn't spawn here!

There is no need for a table here as you shoudn't be hunting for rare gloves!

The following gloves can be usefull
Gauntlets: As the Cow King drops them you'll be seeing alot of those.
Leather Gloves: You can gamble those, if you do go all in with a high lvl char clvl 65+. Though I don't recomend it.

You might have frostburn on your character or in your stash when running cow king, this way you'll get alot more rare gloves.
If you really have to gamble gloves have hand of brock in your stash.
Don't ever, ever, ever imbue gloves!


One of the most powerfull slots in the game. Rare belts are known because they have big potential to their 1.13 classic counterparts. Most known is goldfind, they drop up to 119 % gf. Aigain as with everything with this guide, should I hunt them from Cow King normal or should I hunt them from Cow King Hell?

The following belts are usefull
Plated Belt, drops from Cow King on any difficulty. Plated belts also spawn at lower kurast.
Demonhide Sash, one of the rarest items on 1.00 imbue or don't bother (or go hunt dark wood hell with 200 mf and find absolutely nothing)
Sharkskin Belt, drops from regular Cows on nm and Hell
War Belt, drops from Cow King on nm and hell. War belts also spawn at lower kurast nm and hell.

Modifier                                        ilvl
+11-15 to Strength                              22
+5 to Life                                      23
151-160% Defense                                25
Lightning Resist +31-50%                        25
+41-60 to Life                                  30
+16-20 to Strength                              30
161-180% Defense                                31
181-200% Defense                                36
+4-6 to Dexterity                               45
Adds 1-4 Cold Damage,                           55
Replenish Life +5                               55
Poison Resist +21-30%                           55
+11-15 to Dexterity                             60
+31-40 to Life                                  60

If we read the table we get 14 dex at level 55 and the cold elemental dmg (for barbs a great mod to have on belts, you don't want cold dmg on amu's). This means for casting characters don't bother going past Cow King normal. For barbs it is a different case as the cold dmg and the dex would be most usefull so run Cow King hell. Don't bother with any other belt as a Plated Belt to be honest, as or the item level is bad or the item is too rare. If you plan on doing lower kurast runs, I would recommend you run hell instead of nm.

Be sure to have Bladebuckle on your stash when Cow King running.
Also don't be stupid and DON'T EVER gamble on plated belts when you could get 1 rare plated belt every 4 Cow King normal runs with a decent seed!
(more to come!)
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Apr 27, 2009
Rare items #2


Wands are the best casting gear on 1.00 when it comes to a combination of cast and resist. A blue 20 fcr wand already outclasses a shard on many situations as a shard requires us to have 51 dex. That means to use a shard we have to put 26 point on dex as a sorc, this is 5 levels of wasted staffpoints. While ume's is very decent for both a sorc as a necro 20 fcr, 40 mana and 2 necro rares with up to 49 le,fe and ce, tend to be way better.

Lets look at the table

Modifier                                                         ilvl
+101-120 to Attack Rating                                        22
+16-20 to Mana                                                   22
+31-40 to Mana                                                   24
Ignores Target's Defense                                         25
+81-100 to AR,  +Dmg%: 151-165%                                  25
Cold Resist +31-50%                                              25
Adds 10 Minimum to 10-20 Fire Damage                             25
Fire Resist +31-50%                                              25
Adds 1-32 Lightning Damage                                       25
Lightning Resist +31-50%                                         25
Adds 12-28 Poison Damage over 4 Seconds                          25
+21-30 to Mana                                                   30
+41-60 to Mana                                                   30
+1 to Necromancer Skill Levels                                   30
Poison Resist +11-20%                                            35
+2 to Necromancer Skill Levels                                   40
Poison Resist +21-30%                                            55
Replenish Life +3                                                70

We can clearly see in the table the best sorc wands appear at ilvl 30. As necro the modifier +2 necro is required that means he should (ideally) hunt wands from ilvl 40... There is however a problem, ilvl 40 till 54 is located from act 1 nm till the end of act 3. All those area's are not very wand friendly to say the least... The Cow King doesn't drop Grim Wands but Diablo does.

How should we get rare wands in that case?
For sorcs it is already hard, run CS on normal alot with 250 mf. For +2 necromancers wands I recommend you run nm CS alot with atleast 200 mf, the 20-30 poisonresist prefix isn't good but way better as the replenish life one so don't ever concider running hell for wands. Imbueing a grim wand is the best and the quickest option of getting a rare wand, I highly recommend spending your imbues on rare wands.

Helms and Armors
Modifier                                                         ilvl
+5 to Life                                                       23
+31-40 to Life                                                   24
Requirements -40%                                                25
151-160% Defense                                                 25
Lightning Resist +31-50%                                         25
Poison Length Reduced by 75%                                     25
+41-60 to Life                                                   30
161-180% Defense                                                 31
181-200% Defense                                                 36
+11-20 to Mana                                                   37
+2 to Minimum Damage                                             37
+4-6 to Dexterity                                                45
+31-40 to Mana                                                   52
+11-15 to Dexterity                                              60
Replenish Life +3                                                70

We have put helms and body armors together as they have the same suffix and prefix pool. When we look at the table we see the lifemod and lres mod are most desired. The ed% prefix is only really usefull on exeptional items. With helms and armors together there are two modes: 1 I care about defense: In that case we are hunting for rare mageplates, rare ornates and rare grand crowns (rare grim helms can't drop on 1.00, if you want a rare grim go lower kurast running in 1.06b). Cow King hell is by far the best scource for those. Just study patterns and when done propperly you get one of the items mentioned in every 10 runs. Don't be stupid and try to hunt for war hats and ghost armors as they are nearly as rare as finding maelstrom (if you can't resist go black marsh and kill as much carvers+shaman's as possible, you still don't get the awesome 11-15 dex as carvers are only lvl 55, so take my advise and DON'T BOTHER!). Mode 2: I dont care about defense, put biggin's bonnet (unique cap) in your stash and Greyform (unique quilted armor). Now gamble caps (2300 gold) and quilted armors (3800 gold). Usually we don't need the dex modifier and 31-40 mana is lackluster compared to 59 life. It goes without saying the replenish life mod is absolutely abyssmal. So in most cases we are gambling at level 32 to get some nice life with hopefully 20 fhr and light resist. You also could run cow king normal for bonehelms, great helms, light plates, full plate mails. Also one of the biggest mistakes is imbueing a helm or armor (unless its a war hat or ghost armor, if you really can't resist).
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Apr 27, 2009
reserved one for an index
Needs to know where to hunt for
- Iceblink (I found mine at NM cows with negligible MF, from a normal cow. Probably sheer luck)
- Rattlecage (Never found one; supposed to be optimal for goldfind barbs killing champion packs)
Good point, will add them tomorrow combined with a more detailed description of several rares. Any more items I should describe?
well, since in act4 you will spend alot of time grinding maggots, and act4 is probably the best source of G Plates, just kill alot of maggots?

if you really really want it, just gamble it, 400k is still possible, maybe one plate per 3 runs

me idiot gambled for a silk in 06 and got there, so rattle is def doable

and iceblink with only 200k cost is for me a nobrainer gamble, not that i want it, but if i would i'd gamble it

@topic gambling sashes is a bargain, i would add that to your guide

with 10% being a set, you get 16k back for every 25k spend, so you pay for the rest 9k, which is laughable

if you get a "run" you can gamble infinitly many sashes for mortal timeframes

and also you can get quite crazy GF-Belts for later patches (where upping is possible)
Added belts and Iceblink and Rattlecage, next up are helms tomorrow.
Hi nice guide first of all :) I remember vaguely being able to questbug Duriel in a pre-1.07 patch. You simply kill Duriel for Q, scan for loot, and save and exist without leaving tomb, talking to Tyreal etc. When you start a new game Duriel is still for Q. Downside is you will not be able to proceed from Act II on whatever difficulty you choose to run him. Let me know if this works in 1.00 :)
that might be good, with the problem that duriel will just roflcharge you ;)
@Treeharl do you have a list what diablo can drop as base items?

Umes lament isnt very gg, if you think about it, mana/fc and +2 necro(which doesnt count for sorc), so any good rare wand will beat this easily

but i still want it, couldnt get my hands on it in 1.06 :(

The best plan would maybe be: rush 7 barbs till act 4, then give them exeptional twinking gear (nn Khalims, when you have Bonecrusher) and kill diablo by staticing him down with sorc, and alot of unique-mules in the game

lvl 12 should be enough if i think about it, as it seems leapattack has no cth-check, so just give him the final blow with LA
How about the act bosses? I've seen some discussion about rushing 7 characters and keeping all the uniques on the rushees, doing the "rush" so that only one rushee at a time gets the quest. If the quest drops of Duriel, Meph and Diablo works the same way as the Cow King does, that might be a way to get some of the more difficult base items to drop rare/unique?

You'd probably need to level the rushees some, but a sorc could static the act boss down to 1hp then a lvl 2 paladin could just smite once?

EDIT: DOH! Seems the discussion I remembered reading is in the previous post....

EDIT2: Can't see a lvl req on throwing potions, so that might be a way to kill even hell act bosses with a lvl 1 character o_O ....provided the sorc can static enough without getting pwnt. Difficult with duriel.
I lied, added wands to the guide instead of helms :). Ill add helms for real tomorrow.

No I don't have a list of diablo drops yet. The data from d2data is inacurate and as such we need to do try and error with diablo drops. Still I don't get it why you all don't seem to have heard of quest bugging. If I host a game with a lvl 80 sorc on normal with obviously dia quest done and with a lvl 25 barb without dia done, the barb should have you cannot complete the quest. If he makes the killing blow a Quest drop should trigger right. Atlieast this way it works from 1.07 onwards, haven't tested it on a prelod version. When we make a diablo table do note dia drops a super item and 2 regular items which are 87,5% magic and 12,5% rare!
That's the way it works from 1.10 onwards, but as we all know, the drop mechanics have changed pretty drastically since then. It all depends on if the 1.00 quest drops work like the gems from Andariel (likely) or if it indeed works like in 1.10+ (less likely, but certainly not impossible).
Updated my 1.00 guide aigain with helms and armors. I eh kinda lied about tomorrow but I did it ^^.
Great stuff Treeharl, thanks.
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