grief vs ebotdz - leach?


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Nov 28, 2005
grief vs ebotdz - leach?

After doing some research on the forum I've found that grief is better than ebotdz for pvp. My question is, where does one get their leech from when using a grief? If I were to use an arreats, that's only 6% (with angelic combo for bvb). Maybe add draculs for bvb when using grief?

Also, when looking for my grief should I be more interested in finding 40% ias over damage or highest damage even if it's like 35% ias?
As long as the Grief has 34%+ IAS you should be fine, go for damage. Leech is really not a factor for PvP because leech is so badly nerfed.
Also, a barbarian should be wearing Dracul's most of the time anyways, so that's already ~10% there. And yes, EBotdZ will leech more from minions, but it will also deal less damage to the actual opponent.
I've tried grief+ebotd vs windies and it worked well tbh but i don't have the space any more to do that.
Here's a problem I didn't think about-- no mana leach. I can't keep ww'ing because I'm out of mana in no time (pvm mostly)
Thats why bvcs use fcr rings with mana and life/mana scs. I like using 4 20life/17mana or 1 15life/70mana sc depending on your realm.

Edit: mana leech in pvp is near useless since you can only leech of minions such as wolves/bear. Having damage taken goes to mana items also helps.
I built my barb around my ebotdz, with the +30 attributes. He's already 95 and without the ebotdz and beast instead, I only have like 50-65% block-- horrible.
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