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Dec 13, 2006

Hello all!

Just registered to the forum and thought to introduce myself.. I'm a guy in my thirties, and currently live in northern Finland. I have a girlfriend and a dog, but they are living 500 kilometres away from me, and I'm not too happy about that.

I got hooked in D2 way back when it came out. At the time I had a 66MHz PII, a tad slow for D2 to run smoothly (at all, some might say), but it didn't stop me. So it took a little longer for the hits to land, big deal.. :rolleyes: Anyway, since then I've not had much time to play, but a couple of times I've fired D2 up. My internet connections have never, until now, allowed me to go online, but from what I gather, it's nothing I would miss.. Don't know if I'll go and try it out at some point. I would like to play in a party because it seems that's how Blizzard kind of intended it.

And now I'm here, all alone. So, what better time to give my old buddy Diablo another chance. It's nice to see they still make patches for the game and there's a live community, not many games have that after six years. I have never been active in these (or other) forums, but I took a quick tour around and there seems to be a truckload of stuff I need to revise before jumping in.. I made a paladin already but I've forgotten all of this synergy stuff so it probably didn't start out very well.

So, I'm happy to be here and I'll see you around!


If you want to do multi-player without dealing with bnet, you can look at the TCP/IP games here. I don't really know how it works, but I'm going to try it myself one of these days. I have done multi-player on bnet with a few of the people from here and it has been fun, but either my computer has a hard time handling it or the lag has gotten really bad (or both).

Don't worry too much about your new paladin. As you read through the forum, you'll see that people have gone all the way through Hell with all sorts of crazy builds. It's very inspiring! That being said, my own most-active character right now is 'cookie-cutter,' being built following a guide, which is also a lot of fun.

Enjoy reading ... don't forget to look through the stickies.

I'm sure someone will be along shortly to kick your shins, so I'll offer you this shiny pair of shin-guards.
Hello up there! Welcome to the SPF, may your stay be pleasant.

I live near Jyväskylä (~50 km) and there's just zero snow here, kind of sad because this hasn't happened during my short lifetime. Fingers crossed, though :cry:
I hope you have great plains of snow there :wave:
Thank you...

Reading through the faqs and guides has really helped, I think. I believe that planning my chars beforehand could prevent getting bored with them. Having a goal to aim for is a good thing. I don't know the details of my plan yet, but the pally has to go. Maybe I'll start with a sorceress, meteor is cool.

@Tupsi: Greetings to Jkl! I don't remember a Christmas without any snow either.. I know it has been close before, so lets not call it yet, there's still time.
What? No shin-kickings yet? Sheesh, what's wrong with the SPF these days? :wink:

*Delivers a flying double shin-kick hitting both Lord maro and FrogKing simultaneously*

Muhahahahahahah... :evil:

And a double-welcome to the SPF for our newcomers as well. :wave:

*blacklist Wolfgang for kicking FrogKing*
welcome to the SPF, i need cookies so we can be friends
I hope that your computer is a bit more high-tech now, I was trying to play D2 on an old Compaq a couple years ago, and it just wasn't working. It is hard to use zeal when it takes ~2 seconds for swing of the weapon.
Stop by the bar, have a drink on me. Better yet, have a drink of Durf. Once you get on your feet item/character wise, try one of the tournys. I've been looking forward to one, but can't quite get enough time. Just have fun!
Welcome! here's your goodie basket of baked goodness and squid repelant. Don't mind the shin kicking, it's a good thing. Do read the stickies and FAQs, having been around for 6 years we have a few odd ways of doing/saying things by now.

I think you covered most of the relavant getting-to-know-you-ness so you've earned your extra cookies, more can be had along with the drinks at the EMB.
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