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Jul 14, 2004

Hello there,

I've been browsing this forum every now and then, throwing the occasional reply. I noticed quite a few people turned their faces towards Single Player. I'm a long-time SPF (Single Player Forum) member myself and have been on-and-off D2c both in SP and

I just recently started playing some D2C SC in SP again and wonder if any of the other SP'ers want to hook up. (Playing v1.09, missed the cow level and I couldn't live without the players# command.)

Edit: I do obviously expect a certain level of maturity (and 110% legitness.)
I'm pretty sure there's a hack out there that automatically gets you 110% legitness.
Lol. Anyways, I'm wondering if you have ever heard of Alastor? He was purely single player and used to post tons over on the barb forum before the expansion came out and then the Single Player forum. He quite possibly was the most well known single player person around then, and might have been one of the reasons they made that forum, not sure as I never post there. I don't think he has posted here for years...a quick search might reveal that.------>

Search results: nada, looks like he hasn't posted in at least 3 years, although I did get a response from him in mid 2002.
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