Goodbye thread


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Jun 27, 2004
Goodbye thread

Goodbye all, was fun being here, though I haven't really been here for long... *Goes off to hang around himself* <--- no joke
Masas said:
Goodbye all, was fun being here, though I haven't really been here for long... *Goes off to hang himself* <--- no joke

Uhm...why not hang around a little more...haven't been here long myself, but it's definitely worth getting to know the regulars. And if they're being annoying,'s Durf's fault!

As for your comment, I wouldn't have taken it as a joke anyway. "Many a true word spoken in jest." As I said, it's worth hanging around. might I suggest speaking to someone?
theGrimm said:
it's worth hanging around.

bad choice of words:teeth:

why are you going masas? you cant just up and bugger off on us like that. you'll be back
Sorry, I meant I was going to hang around my self not something like Corax's avatar. You know, It's just that real life demands quite a lot of time currently (my grades must go up (in the ABC system i'm around C and D, which is very very low)). I'll be back after a month or two. Sorry if I scared anyone. I'll also sometimes be seen in multiplayer games, only at weekends. Good luck everyone! *teleports out*
Oh, that's okay then.

But aren't you supposed to kick someone's shins before you're allowed to teleport out? Sorry, I guess I am just a n00b...
you mean i actually got concerned. for that. FOR SHAME!!!!

like that simpsons episode where marge goes downstairs and you can see homers shadow hanging from the roof. and it turns out hes batting the light bulb cos its the only thing that cheers him up
the one where my burns steals their greyhound pups and sings the snazzy vest song. pwnage

anyway goodluck with the grades. nice to see youve got your priorities right.
school>d2 despite what i think. what subjects you doing??

you could always ''varnishes'' from the thread. that way no ones shins get hurt
Masas: just because RL demands alot, doesn't mean you have to quit for good. Take a break... come back later :) Ciya mate!
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