?Good (SP) FrenzyBarb Build?


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Jun 15, 2007
?Good (SP) FrenzyBarb Build?

Edit- No Idea If this matters or not but I use V1.12 LoD.

I'm Not sure if any one has made a Guide to making a Frenzy Barb and was wondering if any one knew were one was,
Before you Post me link to a Normal Frenzy Barb Build with all the fancy NL and Ladder runewords, Ill just say That is not what I'm After I'm wondering
About Unique Items/set Build Because I'm far from being able to use High end rune words But my Fishy Necromancer can at least Find some good Item-set to be used I just do not want to make a New character level him up and find out that He isn't worth much in hell. So I'm Looking for a frenzy Barb Build that has No rune words At all And No Ladder only Items. If a guide close to this exists I would love to have a Look at It.

Let me know :D
Re: ?Good (SP) FrenzyBarb Build?


You can find many SC guides in this thread. There is also a frenzy guide there written by Ash Housewares.

I remeber reading a frenzy guide where it said upgraded Coldsteel Eye and Headstriker exceptional uniques were the best frenzy weapons but i couldn't find it right now.

Also keep in mind that all ladder-only items drop in SP too. You just can't make ladder-only runewords in single player.


EDIT: I meant SP instead of SC, fixed
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