Gonna empty out my mules for those who like


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Sep 26, 2006
Gonna empty out my mules for those who like

dunno... this might be illegal to do in here.. anyways..

i am gonna empty out all my scl chars.. mostly crap.. some good ones.. and some godlys!! need space for hcl chars

the game is sigg//sigg for those who want to pick up some stuff..

and btw.. i am not saying it all is legit.. alot is traded so dont come back to me saying this or that item poofed.. i dont care!

edit: activated word filter
still going on in sigg//sigg

hehe one lcky dude has picked up alotta ****.. 4x light skillers.. perf griffons.. insane exiles, insane griefs, infinitys, fortis

edit: thread bumping when its allrdy at the top? sounds weird..
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Might want to state realm and ladder or non-ladder next time.

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