Gold Find Barb?


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Oct 22, 2005
Gold Find Barb?

I've seen guides on other forums, but they didn't really help. One was a singer with goldfind, another was a thrower, but what I'm wondering is, is a goldfind barb basically just a barb (say Whirlwind barb) who uses gold find gear and has points into find item?
I've never heard of such a thing but I expect it would be a PvM Barb that basically loots corpses to find stuff, this is my guess but it sounds correct to me, sorry I can't help more.
Hi. I just wanted to share my goldfinder i use on Ehcl. it's my only char atm after some nasty deaths but he works wonders.
IK helm w/2x lem
Enigma Dusk
3WC 16DR ammy(i need to change it soon)
2x hoto(eth 38+31)
2x ali baba w/2x lem on switch
Up'd Goldwrap
2x dwarf stars
P chancies
Auldurs boots
18-17-7 anni
20-13 torch
a bunch of life charms
Merc- A5
Eth 181-6 Arreats(up'd Cham'd)
Eth Fort
Eth Last Wish CB

20 shout
20 bo
10 iron skin
10 nat res
20 find item
1 taunt
1 Bcry
Rest into Leap

i can run shenk/eldrich, pindle, trav, pit, andy and countess no problem usually and pretty quickly i just tele my merc in switch to babas and leap everything into submission. I have max res w/ hotos and 75-4x-4x-5x w/ babas. i have like 250-300(?) mf and 1600 gf. i've lvl'd myself solo in hc since lvl 75 and am now 89. my merc does 64xx-89xx dmg w/ might from lw and he taps everything himself pretty quickly. i belive i end up with 61xx life w/ charms and hes got like almost 5k.

does anyone have any suggestions for improvisions?
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