Gold find barb damage?


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Oct 23, 2005
Gold find barb damage?

Ok well after looking at guides this will be my build

20 whirlwind
20 sword mastery
20 Battle order
5-10 item find
10 natural resist
1-10 iron skin
1 berserk
1 shout etc

my gear will be

Crown Of thieves
chance guards
2x dwarf star
2x ali baba (uped?)
not sure on amulets ill look through my rares

thing is im pretty sure my dmg will be ****. Will that gear be sufficent to run hell trav? I dont know if babas can be uped i guess they can. At the moment the chars 36 and doing p8 pindles in norm, it takes forever to ww the monsters to there death. Any ideas?
not 100% sure on names, but try replacing with higher damage things, an put a jewel in to add some gold find. only a suggestion (plus use charms)
well other builds include a double runemaster 5os gold finder= 10 lems and a new build for me (no thanks). Ive seen people make 6os Pb gold finders, so damage must be achievable some way.
Ali babas,PBs and runemasters are usually used on switch and their only used for horking.My horker uses grief + 1.07 Oath and he still cant do much more then p1 council runs, because they are very tough.My skill point placement was 20 Hork,WW,BO,Axe mastery,1 in Berzerk,Natural resists,increased speed.
ergg that suckzors, I might have to leave this character for a while then. Im so bored trying to think of something fun to make is hard work, especially a character that i will use later on.
A little bit OT: does the council in Trav drop like superuniques or champions? The council in Durance drop like champions, right?
Isnt the idea for a goldfinder to _just_ find gold? In that case, aim for nm trav. Its faster, you can concentrate on maxing your gf% and they still drop alot of gold. I let my merc handle the killing. He had a bonehew, crown of thieves and wealth runeword took them down fairly easy.
This was on realm with p1.
Horking means using the find item skill.
i think i get it now, so u kill using ur good weapons. Then find item afterwards for a better gold find of corpse. That sounds a lot better. Ive been doing nm runs for a little bit because i want some charms for cubing. My first gc cubed into a barb combat 18% gf how ironic...
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