Godly Smiter Gear


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Dec 14, 2006
Godly Smiter Gear

First time post, long time player.

This is my zealer/smiter hybrid which I use to keyrun and then uber. Tell me what you think, plz.

LVL 89 Paladin
Helm: Gillaume's Face (Um'd)
Armor: AP Fortitude @ 30/1.5
Boots: 180 Gore Riders (up'd)
Belt: Thundergods
Gloves: Dracul's Grasp @ 9ll/12str
Weapon1: 37/375 Grief PB
Weapon2: perfect HOTO
Shield1: Eth Zakarum 40res all Exile
Shield2: Spirit
Jewelry: 20/199 ravenfrost/ 15res all+ 45 life magic ring/ 27 Mara's

6x 15% res all GCs + various mods
5x 5% res all SC + mods
20-20 anni


I swap out the Fort for Nigma when I key run, and even with 250+ resistances (varies on how much I feel like carrying), I still manage a 4x4 slot in my inventory. As you can see, I'm all about the resists. I made this char hoping Meph won't even touch me... in fact he doesn't, so yay for me. I suppose I could go more Max Dam/poison/life charms, but I do Tristram runs in under a minute, so I feel I'm good.

Here's the rundown on my Ubering capabilities:
Meph: Even with his lvl 20 Conviction aura, i'm still maxed on all resistances. Woot.
Diablo: Pushover
Baal: Pushover

I don't duel with this char, but no elemental PvP has killed me yet (FoH, Orbs, Necro). I just swap out my rings for what I need (dwarfs, wisp, ravens). Absorb = teh sex.
As for physical duels... Well I'm not too big on damage reduction or max block so I'll probally die fast. I do, however, have a Pheonix Zakarum in my stash if I really feel like dishing the damage to a 5k life, 20k def barb. :)
How do you deal with the Vipers when you run Nihl? You have no Integer Damage Reduction that I can see.....
How do you deal with the Vipers when you run Nihl? You have no Integer Damage Reduction that I can see.....

Vipers are one the only problem I have in the game. That and Iron Maiden (*shudder*).
Usually I do the sorceress zip-zag maneuver to get in close, then I zeal them. Even without lifetap, I can leach enough in three good whacks to regain full health. But those poison projectiles hurt!!

If there are a lot of tomb vipers surrounding the nihl platform, I lure them out and around the corner pillars (safe from corpse explosion). Then I can rush in and do my work.

What would you suggest for integer damage reduction?

EDIT: I do have a 3x Sol'd Life Everlasting criclet which I use every once in a while. Good for 40+ integer damage reduction.

What would you suggest for integer damage reduction?

Gerkes Sanctuary (Socket with Sol rune)
3 socket crown (Socketed with Sol runes)

You can wear it from the start or bring it in your inventory. Then before you enter Nihl's level, switch to Gerkes and the crown. You'll carry enough IDR (40+) that the Pit Viper cloud won't hurt you much at all... I think it carries 40 damage per frame so you'll pretty much negate it. You can run around laughing at the Viper clouds.

Also consider getting a Nature Peace. If you have that plus the above, you can seriously run up to Nihl and give him a kiss as you hack him to death. Just be careful if you have a Merc with you.. I'd leave him dead for these runs cuz he'll give Nihl CE ammo.

So if i use my life everlasting helm (40IDR), viper's won't be a problem? K, I won't trade it :smiley:

I chose T-Gods because of the max lightning resist and str boost. I don't need DR in ubers (doesn't help) and I still get +20 vit.

As for the rest of my gear, what does everyone think? Should I sacrifice resist charms for Pcombs or should I leave my inventory as it is?
keep enough resists so your at max under Meph's conviction. You don't need Pcombs at all. Your using Grief so your Smite damage is already doing enough. If you do decide to lose some resist charms I'd get more health charms in there.

"Life is good.... more life is better." :)
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