Getting my resist up


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Feb 4, 2004
Getting my resist up

Need some advice on equipment. I have a meteorb sorc that I use for MF in Hell. She does pretty well but will occasionally die due to terrible resistances. Here is whar she wears- Shako(PT), Enigma, Occy, Lidless, Beast Ammy, Sandstorm boots, Chancies, Bitter Loop ring, Carrion Wind Ring and arachnid belt. What can I add/subtract to get her resistances to a decent level w/o falling below 300% mf? Rings, belt and gloves are the most obvious ones but what do I replace with. Thanks in advance for your answer.
"pdia" Lidlees / "Um" Shako / charms / anni / CoH - wtf have u got an enigma on a mf sorc? If u still want nice mf total then use an Um'd Skullders. Considering you can get 40 mf from gheeds, and 7 mf on 1*sc you can get 103mf using 3*4 of your inventory. Even better if u can trade for mf+res charms.

Either that, or simply wear full tals :D

Getting 300 mf and maxed resists is very simple imo - esp if u can afford to put an enigma on a sorc!
Well, the obvious answer is to switch out for Tal's Amulet, Armor, and Belt. That'll give you a nice boost of 168 MF, with room for a socket. If you wanted to UM that, or Ptopaz it is up to you. Pdiamond in the lidless is an easy 19%, or you could use splendor for 20 more MF. I agree with Shankshie, there's no need for fact, once you have enigma, what's the point of mfing? >.< You can probably trade for anything you need. Anyway, hope this helps
Tal's set will help a bunch. You might also look at resistance charms. A handful of these can go a long way.
Try to work ini Tals ammy, armor and belt like proposed. This is the setup I always use on my mfers, it works very well with mf, gives 20 or so FCR and decent res as well... how lovely!

Batdad what realm do you play, I have a +2sorc skill, 14 energy, 9all resis tiara on ladder USWest. This may help.
toss your enigma on another char or where you'd need it more, slap on tal's ammy/armor/belt, ptopaz the armor, make a sanctuary (hope for a high roll, 70 all resists is the highest possible), ist the occy, get rid of the chancies and use magefists (make up for the 20% FCR lost from the lidless). I'd say go soj/soj or fcr rings if you need to reach the next breakpoint for FCR. If after all of this you are still concerned on your MF % (should be over 300), than go nagel/soj or nagel/fcr ring, or nagel/nagel, but i like getting mana from a soj. :xgift:
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