gear for an mf sorc PLEASE HELP


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Dec 18, 2006
gear for an mf sorc PLEASE HELP

so i recently aquired 14 runes for a godly grandcharm i found and thats practically all i have.

my first instict is to use to build a blizz mfer.

so far all i have is a ptopaz shako and an occy

i dont know what gear i should buy, or if i should keep the occy or switch to something else

please help, the budget is 14 hrs
I'm a fan of meteorb, so I'll only speak for that. For a meteorb, you'll need Tal Set for 2HRs, and the rest choices are open. Although 1HR on a low War Traveler will be most likely necessary. I'd suggest not to target for 105FCR at this moment, because it'll require a 35FCR spirit, which costs a lot. Use cheap items like Nagels and Chancies to boost MF for now, and selectively replace them with better items (e.g. SoJs) later.
The shield choice is a special one that depends on whether you go max-block or max-vitality. If you go max-block, get a Moser with almost no cost; if you go max-vitality, get a white Monarch for cheap, socket it and make a Spirit yourself (crappy one doesn't matter since you're not targeting for 105FCR).
On your merc, make an Insight/Obedience in whatever good damage polearm you can find. And try to get a Tal Helm/Rockstopper/Vampiregaze and a Duriel's Shell/Shaftstop for cheap.
All the named gears above shouldn't cost too much, so you'll have some HRs left to play with (to get a sorc torch for example).
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