GC question


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Oct 30, 2006
GC question

I have started to do some key runs, and that nathiblablabla guy drops some gc from time to time, how do i know the ilvl on them? So i know who i should keep? Or how does it work?
Afaik Nilathak GC's work the same way as Baal GC's. Keep rolling it until you get a mod that prooves its ilvl high enaugh to get the skill/life mod. I never roll GC's, so I dont know exactly what to look for, but I think its + 35(?) life.
Well to be 100% sure it needs 45 life, although you should be able to get by with 41-45, I don't know any other mods that can prove it's legitness though.
yeah you would just need one GC.
For resale, you would need 40+life for proof.
If you wanted to keep rolling(Better have a big supply of Perfect Gems) Keep going until you get a +1skiller/Life.
I used to grab one, roll until I got super-pissed and then grab another. Pure superstition on my part though.
It has to be 41 or more life, 40 can spwan on GC from other places. So you need 41-45 life as proof.
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