[Game Thread] Narcos Mafia Game reboot - Medellín vs Cali Cartel

Sep 12, 2013

This game is based on the characters in the Netflix series "Narcos" <fandom>, and will mostly be following the game setup of War in the Palace.

I suggest reading the WitP and Narcos Fandom pages carefully, but the tl;dr version for the lazy among us:
  • There will be TWO mafia factions (Medellín cartel and Cali Cartel)
  • Each mafia faction has a leader (Pablo Escobar and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela*, see: Heirs)
  • There are three Sicarios in each cartel (see: Guard)
  • Town only has ONE member, a DEA agent (see: Anarchist)
1. Mafia factions must eliminate both the DEA agent & the other cartel leader
2. DEA agent must eliminate both cartel leaders.
3. If/when either mafia leader is eliminated, all their remaining cartel members are eliminated.

* Because it's pretty common knowledge that Pablo Escobar is the kingpin of the Medellín cartel, I felt it necessary to definitively declare the names of the leaders of both Cartels to prevent any false claims which could cause a game imbalance.
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Game Rules:
Breaking rules, not posting, or certain other behavior may result in a modkill or replacement. These are:

  1. Do not attempt to play the same game under more than one name.
  2. Do not bring outside influences into the game - this includes threats, bribes, wagers, promises, "trust tells", alliances, etc. Using knowledge from previous games is perfectly acceptable, but try not to carry grudges from one game to another.
  3. Replacements, while sometimes necessary, also serve as an outside influence. As such, do not tell other players to replace out. Do not publicly threaten to replace out of a game. If you do need to replace out, do not publicly discuss your reasons or anything else, as you are no longer a player in the game. PM your game moderator if you are considering replacing out or have concerns and believe another player should be replaced out.
  4. Once a replace-out request has been made public by the moderator, the player replacing out is to stop posting in the game. The player is not allowed to replace back into the game or rescind their request. If a moderator wants to allow any deviation from these rules, it must be stated explicitly in their rule set.
  5. Do not talk outside the game thread about an ongoing game except where explicitly allowed to do so by your role/moderator. Likewise, do not use bbcode to hide secret messages - this equates to discussion outside the thread. For more information on this, please see this post.
  6. Do not edit/delete posts.
  7. Do not post in the game thread during the night phase. Any post made after the start of the night phase, regardless of if it is declared by the game mod, can result in a mod kill of the poster, it will be up to the game mod weather or not a mod kill happens.
  8. Do not quote communications with the moderator (in particular, your role PM). Paraphrasing is usually ok.
  9. Do not post in the game after you are dead or replaced.
  10. Play to win the game.
  11. Since Mafia is based largely on conflict and psychological manipulation, we are somewhat more tolerant of aggressive and heated posts in-game than in the rest of the forums. However, game mods will often take action for excessively abusive behavior or slurs, up to and including a force-replacement or modkill. In certain cases, posters with multiple or severe offenses may receive site-wide punishments from the list moderators, such as temporary or permanent bans from joining or playing games.
  12. Use of scripts or other devices to functionally ignore the presence and posts of another player in a game is not allowed.
  13. Do not use the "like" feature to impact gameplay. Be extremely careful about clicking that like button. It can easily be construed as private communication (as only the original poster receives a notification). It has also been abused in past games by dead players.
  14. Lynching requires the majority of the players alive to vote for the same player. That is, half of the remaining number of players + 1 rounded down. A lock occurs when someone with enough votes to be lynched receives an additional vote, and will be lynched at the end of the day and cannot be unvoted.
  15. The Day lasts 48 hours and night last 24 hours. This game will start with a Day Phase and will start/stop at 3:00 PM EST (UTC -5).
  16. Every player gets one lynch vote during the day unless told otherwise in their role PM. Votes and Unvotes need to be bolded . If your unvote isn't bolded, it doesn't count and please try to put it at the bottom of your post. Please be very clear as to who you are voting for, avoid nicknames, etc,.

    Vote: Dredd (Correct)
    Unvote: Dredd (Correct)

    Vote: Dredd (Incorrect, not bolded)
    Unvote: Dredd (Incorrect, not bolded)

    V or v: Dredd (Incorrect, the entire word Vote needs to be there)
    UV or uv: Dredd (Incorrect, the entire phrase Unvote or Un Vote needs to be there)
1. Noodle
2. Leopold Stotch
3. coju
4. snickersnack
5. Skjolde
6. Pyrotechnician
7. Babyhell
8. Zhao_Yue
9. d2lover

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Can i haz spectator access plz?

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